Finally, a Meeting with Mus’ab

I love Mus’ab Ibn Umair so much. He is my favorite. Every time I read about him or write about him I love him more. I ask Allah to gather me with him one day so I can tell him how much I love him for what he did. I wish this day would come and I wish I am in a position to meet him, for he may be in a much higher degree than I am. I guess no matter what I do, I have no chance. My only hope is one Hadith in which the prophet said, “the person will be [in the hereafter] with those whom he/she loves.”

I said to myself, that is a big possibility since I know I love Mus’ab so much. However, that is too far. I can’t wait till that day. Therefore, I decided to meet him earlier. 🙂 How? Here is what happened …

Meeting setup

Wael invites Mus’ab to his house. Mos’ab has no idea what happened after he had died in the battle of Uhud, three years after the prophet migrated. Mus’ab is so excited to know what happened after his death since Wael will be the first one he meets after his death. He heard that Wael is a Muslim so it is a good sign: a Muslim existed after 1400 years, a sign that Islam is also there. Wael is so excited too since he will meet his beloved and will probably please him with the good news, the news that his effort was not wasted and Allah blessed it and granted victory to His message and His religion. Mus’ab knocks at the door, Wael opens …

Wael: Assalamu Alaykom Ya Habibi Ya Mus’ab

Mus’ab: Wa Alaykom Assalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh, how are you doing Wael?

Wael: Alhamdu Lellah. I can’t believe myself. I am finally talking to you, to my hero, to the person I cry every time I read about or write about.

Mus’ab [humbly smiling]: May Allah forgive you. [changing subjects] Tell me, I am so excited to know what happened after I died. I was sure that Allah will never abandon His messager nor His message. I just could not imagine how. You know; it is hard to imagine how Allah would grant success in the very bad situation when I had died.

Wael [excitedly]: It happened. It happened by the grace of Allah and you should be proud Mus’ab! It was the result of your effort in Medina. It was by the support of these great people you introduced Islam to. It happened by the effort of your very brothers.

Mus’ab: But how?

Wael: I can’t believe myself. I am giving one of the companions of the prophet a Seera lecture .

Mus’ab [laughing]: Stop kidding around and tell me the stroy

Wael: There is something else more exciting I want to tell you about

Mus’ab [challenging]: More exciting than the Seera of the prophet?

Wael: Well, related to it! You know where are we now?

Mus’ab: Where?

Wael: We are in the Unitied States of America?

Mus’ab: So?

Wael: You know how far this is from your home town?

Mus’ab: farther than Abyssinia?

Wael [laughing]: Much farther! It will take you 15 hours flying to go to Mecca.

Mus’ab [puzzled]: Flying?

Wael [laughing]: Never mind, you know how much it took you to migrate to Abyssinia?

Mu’ab: a couple of weeks

Wael: OK, to come to America, you need to spend a year traveling and sailing. It is thousands of miles away from Mecca

Mus’ab: Ya Allah, and Islam reached you here

Wael: Well, it reached me personally a little closer. I am originally from Egypt. But yes, Islam reached America, thousands of miles away and hundreds of years later

Mus’ab: So, are there other Muslims here?

Wael: Of course, millions of them! Sorry, thousands of thousands of them!

Mus’ab: Allahu Akbar; so everyone here is a Muslim

Wael: Actually no. People are many these days not like your time Mus’ab. We have three hundred fifty thousand thousand people in America.

Mus’ab: sigh; this is like Mecca; just bigger numbers. So how do you guys manage living among these guys? Aren’t you afraid? I know that Abyssinia is a little far but can’t you migrate to place like Abyssinia? Or even “fly” to Abbyssinia?

Wael: Why would we do that?

Mus’ab: Well, so that you can escape the oppression

Wael: Actually there is no oppression. We can worship Allah and practice Islam the way we want. It is the supreme law of this land that guarantees us this right.

Mus’ab: Yeah, yeah! I know this trick. Be careful. The prophet was offered something similar to that but he did not take it

Wael: What do you mean Mus’ab?

Mus’ab: After the Meccan tried all possible means of oppression and torture against us and failed to turn us back to their religion, they offered the prophet to let him and his companions live peacefully as long as they do not further call people to Islam nor do they intervene in the public life. The prophet did not accept that offer

Wael: Well, we actually have the right to express our religion in public and to call people to it. This right is also protected by the law. We can even involve ourselves and our religious views in the public life including making laws.

Mus’ab: I can’t believe what I hear. Are you telling me you do not have any problems?

Wael: I haven’t said that. We have many problems.

Mus’ab: Problems like what? But wait, if that is the case, why are all these people not Muslims? How can they know about Islam and not embrace it?

Wael [ashamed]: sigh, they do not actually know about Islam. They only know bad things about Islam

Mus’ab: Man! I knew it. I knew that the Meccan will spread rumors about Islam. These rumors even reached thousands of miles away.

Wael [sadly smiling]: Akhi Al-Habib Musaab; this has nothing to do with the Meccan. They all became Muslims btw.

Mus’ab: Let me talk to people. Get me some of your friends to talk to. You know. As’ad and I did a pretty good job in Medina. I know how to convince people.

Wael: I do not have that many non-Muslim friends. Unlike As’ad, I am not that social. Besides, you are dead Mus’ab; you can’t talk to people. Also, you do not speak English. People do not speak Arabic here

Mus’ab: I will learn English! Teach me. You look like you can speak English!

Wael: Calm down Ya companion. You are dead! And English is not that easy

Mus’ab: I may be dead but I love Islam. I can’t imagine people living next to Islam and knowing nothing about it. But wait a second. You are not dead! You can do it. I will help you

Wael: How are you going to help me?

Mus’ab: I will teach you the Qur’an. I will share with you the words of the Messenger. I will recite to you some verses from the Qur’an so you can recite it to people

Wael: Mus’ab! I memorize the whole Qur’an. I have 6 copies in this bookshelf here. The words of the prophet are documented. I do not need knowledge

Mus’ab: You memorize the whole Qur’an? How big it became btw?

Wael: 114 chapter about 600 pages. Let me show you

Mus’ab [holding the Mushaf]: Masha’Allah! Who wrote this nice writing?!

Wael: It is really much more difficult now to share Islam with others than your time Mus’ab. Also, you guys were amazing! That is why we love you!

Mus’ab: We weren’t amazing. We were jusy human beings. We were trying our best. We failed and succeeded. We defeated and got defeated. We had good times and bad times.

Wael: But you did not have “Media”

Mus’ab: What is that?

Wael: Come! [taking Mus’ab to the TV]. See people who speak on this screen? They can reach hundreds of millions of people at the same time

Mus’ab: Millions?

Wael: sorry, thousand thousands. And look at this paper. Millions of copies are made every sigle day.

Mus’ab: Man! that is a good idea Wael! I think if Muslims share their views through this VT, people will get it

Wael: TV not VT. And It is not as simple as you might think

Mus’ab: How so?

Wael: It needs skills

Mus’ab: Like what kind of skills?

Wael [confused and not to know how to answer]: Well, Let us go back to what happened right after you died

Mus’ab [quickly]: No, I think this is more important. Tell me, what kind of skills you need?

Wael: But honestly Mus’ab I think you will enjoy the Seera of the prophet more.

Mus’ab: Forget about enjoyment. This life is not for you to enjoy. You have a duty and you need to fulfill this duty. Tell me. Why are you afraid? Is this “Media” thing spying on you and will oppress you some how?

Wael: No Mus’ab. No oppression. Everything you talk about it oppression

Mus’ab: Because that was the only reason you can retreat from helping people and share your message with them. Wael, let me ask you a question. Are all Muslims here in America like you?

Wael [after a little silence]: No, there are much better Muslims

Mus’ab: I did not mean better or worse. I meant to ask whether they are all like you.

Wael [puzzled]: I do not understand the question

Mus’ab: I guess it is time now you can tell me some stories about what happened after I died

Wael: Well, after you died, the prophet was so sad since you were one of 70 people he lost. They could not find clothes to cover you before barrial. The covered your face with a little cloth that did not reach your legs. You know who else died, Hamza, the prophet’s uncle. btw, this is my grandfathers name …

Mus’ab [listening and smiling]: I love you Wael. May Allah guide you. Let me know when you want to talk about America. I am ready to listen. I have experience you know :-0)