“… to Keep Thee in Bonds” – ONE


I was reflecting on the recent wave of anti-Muslim and I re-read theĀ speech I delivered on this past Eid. I was mostly reflecting on our response to this wave, positive and negative. While doing so, a verse from the Qur’an struck me, a verse addressed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when he was faced by plots from his very tribe opposing him, his companions, and his message.

Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans, but the best of planners is Allah. [8:30]

As much as the tail of the verse brought comfort to my heart: “They plan and Allah too plans,” the objectives behind their plots scared me a bit. They tried to kill the prophet. They did make a plan and they were about to succeed in their plan except that Allah planned otherwise and saved him. They tried to drive him and his companions out of their homes and they, kind of, succeeded. Although being killed or being driven away from home is kind of scary but they scared me the least. As a Muslim, it is deeply engrained in my hearts that nothing can happen to anyone without the full permission of Allah, and one should rely on His protection and His support. I also thought what is better than suffering a bit for the sake of Allah (although never wished it to happen). What stopped me AND SCARED ME is this first objective, “… to keep thee in bonds.”

The Arabic word that is translated to “keep thee in bonds ” is Continue reading


Do you have a friend whom you love? Well, here …

Dramatized by: Wael Hamza

Scene #1 A little plot

Umair Ibn Wahb, one of the of people of Mecca, sitting next to al-Ka3ba very sad and angry after Mecca has been badly defeated in the Battle of Badr. In one thousand soldiers, prepared to their best, Mecca got defeated by the Prophet (PBUH) and his 313 companions in the first serious battle between the two parties. It was a huge shame and a big loss of people and money from Mecca’s side. “If it weren’t for my kids and a debt I have, I would have traveled to Yathreb and killed Muhammad!” Said Umair to his life-long friend Safwan Ibn Ummayah. Safwan, with the very bitter experience of his father being killed in the very same battle, found an opportunity to finish this man (Muhammad) and avenge for his father, “Your kids are like mine and consider your debt paid! Just go and kill Muhammad.” “But how are you going to get there?” Safwan added. Umair answered, “You forgot that my son is a captive there. They have captured him during the battle of Badr. I will pretend that I am there to free him and then kill Muhammad! But please, do not tell anyone about this.”

Umair sent his sword to be sharped and then he gave it to people to cover it with poison and headed to Medina to finish his plot.

Scene #2 Umair arrives to Medina

In Medina, a few of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) were sitting in front of the masjid chatting about the great victory they had in Badr while a camel arrived and parked in front of the masjid. Omar, quickly and seriously said, “That is Umair, the enemy of Allah, came with his sword. I am sure he came for evil.” Running quickly to the masjid and giving heads up to the Prophet (pbuh), “O Messenger of Allah, here he came, the enemy of Allah, Umair Ibn Wahb, with his sword. He looks like he wants evil!” “Let him in Omar.” Said the Prophet (pbuh). Continue reading

When great people make mistakes

Abu Lubabh, from the people of Medina tells us his story …

I betrayed Allah and His Messenger. I disclosed the Messenger’s secrete to Bai Quraidthah when negotiating with them on behalf of the prophet. The Prophet asked me to go and talk to them after they chose me by name since I was their ally. The moment I left the meeting with them I felt that I betrayed Allah and His Messenger by disclosing the prophet’s mind to them. I felt very bad about what I did. I did not go back to the prophet. I went back directly to the Masjid, I tied my self in one of the pilars. I told people: here is what I did and I am not untying myself until Allah accepts my repentance.

The prophet was waiting for me to come back. When I did not he asked about me and he was told about my story. The prophet said: Continue reading

Building the Society in Medina – PART III

The Power of Citizenship – Stopping a Civil War

Mecca sees Muslims in Medina as a great danger

After the Muslims left Mecca to Medina, one can imagine that Mecca will live in peace away from the Muslims. However, Mecca saw great danger in the Muslims and Islam finding home in Medina for many reasons. First, Medina was on the road of the business caravans to Levant. Second, they were always under the belief that the Muslims will build their strength and return back to Mecca to take back their homes and their wealth they left behind when they migrate. The Muslims may also try to take revenge for the torture they went through in Mecca. They were also sure that Muhammad and his companions will never stop promoting their message and call people to their religion, something that will threaten their leadership in the peninsula and accordingly threaten their financial sources. They also know how strong the two main tribes of Medina is and how, if united, they can be real threat. They were also afraid that the Jews, a large portion of the inhabitants of Medina, Continue reading

Building the Society in Medina – PART II

Naturalizing the Immigrants

A challenge

One of the most interesting challenges that faced Muslims in Medina under the leadership of the Prophet (PBUH) was the big wave of migration. These immigrants left everything behind and came to this new land with almost nothing but their Islam and their commitment to it. They were sure passionate about the move and they were sure they made the right decision. However, they will soon be hit by the reality of life: Continue reading

Building the society in Medina – PART I

Building a Peaceful Society

As the migration to Medina was a remarkable event, the effort that lead to this event was also remarkable. As I mentioned in a few previous posts entitled, “in the shades of hijra,” the commitment from those who migrated, those who prepared the host city, and the prophet himself was a key to the success of this great event. What should not be forgotten is the effort that took place AFTER the migration, for migration would not have been that great without building on it. What was built on the great event of migration was Continue reading

In the Shades of Hijra – PART VII

LESSON: Feeling the company of Allah

Going through the story of the hijra, you see how Allah was always there, planning for his messenger, supporting him, comforting him, saving him, protecting him, and guiding him. You also see how the prophet was feeling this company and was acting accordingly. We now know the story and we can understand and feel the hands of Allah in the action. We see the six people from Medina coming in the way of the prophet Continue reading