This blog has transformed from being the personal blog of Wael Hamza to a group blog. All posts prior to 05/10/2010 is made by Wael Hamza.

The group agree to the following terms

Blogging Team Agreement

The blogging team of lecturesNthoughts.wordpress.com agrees to:

  1. Have the purest intention in what we post. We seek the pleasure of Allah and His reward by posting any entry on this blog.
  2. Our thoughts and reflections will be along the lines of MAS mission which is “to move people to strive for God-consciousness, liberty and justice, and to convey Islam with utmost clarity.”
  3. Be positive in what we post. We demonstrate positive attitude and encourage positive attitude
  4. Abstain from accusing or offending individuals or groups.
  5. Using the best and the most appropriate language “tell my servants to say that which is best”
  6. Post original thoughts of OUR OWN. No copy and paste from others. No translation or quotations of whole articles.
  7. Post links to OUR OWN audio or video thoughts with a short summary of what it is.
  8. Be concise when possible
  9. If we post something long, we must use the MORE tag so we do not block other people’s entries
  10. Use the English language
  11. Sign our names on the post in the first line of the post “By: Author Name
  12. Hold no responsibility or agreement or disagreement with whatever others post
  13. Post as often as we can. Stay active!
  14. We will not post unless the previous post is at least 24 hours old to give people the chance to read other authors posts
  15. Encourage other MAS members to join our blog

This blog does not necessary represent the opinion of all its authors and should ONLY be thought of as a medium for reflection and sharing thoughts!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I agree!
    May Allah SWT purify our intentions and shower our efforts with blessings and success!

    (What about inshaAllah? Must we say “if Allah wills” instead?:)

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