Diary of a Pilgrim 2 – A Trip

This diary is a translation of the writing of my dear brother and teacher Dr. Muhammad Saad Faris Al-Mahdy
Hajj is a trip, one of the soul and body
Hajj is a trip, one of the soul and body

Hajj is a trip, a trip through belief and history, two things intertwined during Hajj. Hajj is a trip, one of the soul and the body. It is a trip of the intellect and the heart. Hajj is a trip through which you learn, and you feel as well. During this trip, we do not stop at the physical ritual. We, rather, dive deeply into its philosophy. We live in this trip with the most fundamental objective of it. We live with whom we intended to travel to in the first place; that is Allah (swt)

We spend time with the main figures of the trip: Adam, Ibrahim, Hajar, Ismael, and even the Shaitan. We spend time with locations and places, deciphering its symbols—and names: Al-Ka’ba, the Sacred Mosque,  Al-Safa, Al-Marwa, Mina, Arafat, and Al-Mash’ar Al-Haram. We learn meaning through looking deeply into rituals. We go though the state of Ihram, circulating around the Ka’ba, going between the two mountains: Al-Safa and Al-Marwa, throwing stones, shaving out heads, and sacrificing an animal.
We will learn lessons from the stories around Hajj. We associate rituals as they are performed with the laws of this life. We link this trip that summarize the history of humanity with the current status of our Ummah; so we can help it rise. We impersonate the main figures of this sacred trip; so we follow their footsteps, something through which we understand the meaning of our existence.
In summary, we do all that to arrive at the main objective behind Hajj.
If you do not know what you are aiming for, or you are aiming for what you do not know, what would you come back with?

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