Diary of a Pilgrim 1 – Introduction

This diary is a translation of the writing of my dear brother and teacher Dr. Muhammad Saad Faris Al-Mahdy

اني ذاهب إلى ربي سيهدين
اني ذاهب إلى ربي سيهدين

You may ask: what is the point of scribing those daily thoughts about Hajj? Well, let me use this episode to answer this question explaining what I would like to accomplish through this diary.

Let this diary be my contribution to the Hajj trip especially of those who did not perform Hajj before. Or, in other words, it is to allow those who did not make Hajj to participate in its meaning, and to prepare their hearts and souls to perform it. This diary depicts what a pilgrim may feel during this unique trip. It is an archive of my emotions and those of people who accompanied me. You can think of it as the outcome of what we acquired during this amazing experience. This diary is my Hajj gift to my beloved preparing them for their future trip. As others bring back prayer rugs and Misbaha, I bring this diary with me instead.

I do not claim all the thoughts in this diary. Rather, I learned some trough reading for geniuses and through previous Hajj experience in the company of people of high caliber. Some thoughts may have come through deep reflections or inspired by the presence in sacred places. Those thoughts may have come to me through the abundant emotions of others who were full of love and affection.

In the end, undoubtedly, I expect this diary to be more than just a diary of a pilgrim. Rather, it is a serious attempt to bring back Hajj as an experience to teach us the deep meaning of Islam. It is a practical study for one of the pillars of Islam, a pillar that is made mandatory on the Muslim community every year, and once in a life time on the individual. When we talk about Hajj, we, in fact, talk about Islam in its entirety exemplified in a trip, a trip that you travel, up, to Allah (swt)

Are you ready?

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