“Feminism … sigh — feeling annoyed” I posted

What is so annoying about Feminism? ūüôā

Please elaborate

Commenting so I get notice of your (much awaited) clarification.

These are a few comments I got when I posted on Facebook. I then elaborated more on why I feel annoyed by feminism. In a few points I said:

  • Advocating for women’s rights is an Islamic value. There is no question about that. As a matter of fact, the long surah in the Quran that talks–almost entirely–about “justice” is called “Women”, and in which you can see a lot of advocacy for women’s rights.¬†I also acknowledge that women throughout history have been deprived from so many of their rights. That is actually one of the reasons Islam “appears” to be advocating for women’s rights more than men’s.
  • However, feminism as being practiced is a little different. Whether intentionally or not, it depicted a picture of two fighting parties: men and women. The former is trying to abuse the latter while the latter is fighting (the former) for their rights.¬†Men subscribed to this battle as well. So instead of men and women working together to better themselves, their families, and the society; they partook in a life-long fight.
  • Instead of men and women being partners in this life, they became, kind of, enemies.¬†This enmity penetrated the family. As a consequence,¬†you find a husband and wife fighting on irrelevant issues JUST because of this created enmity.
  • It became a legacy to inherit. So, instead of moms and teachers educating the girl how to be good to their husbands, they teach them how to NOT TO LOSE THE BATTLE to their husbands.
  • Many virtues¬†were lost in the process. While¬†liberating women from the abuse they were going through, feminism¬†liberated–or attempted to liberate–them from every quality they had, even if vitreous.¬†So in the process of giving women their rights to learn and advance their¬†career, building the family and taking care of children have been put down. In the process of giving women their full personality they took away their attachment to the husband, something¬†very needed to the wellbeing of the family. In the process of instilling good qualities like confidence and dignity, other good qualities like humility and softness have been taken away.
  • In many cases, educated and smart women are told they are given opportunities¬†JUST to fill diversity vacuum even though they deserve the position based on their mere qualifications.
  • Abusive men became more abusive. Feminism never stopped them. It only created another kind called abusive women. We may soon see another movement called “masculism”.
  • It has become very silly when you ask about your boss’ new assistant who has always been a female by saying “What is her name?” and you get a silly comment like “why are you saying ‘her’?” At the same time, we are OK with the bellman. Just silly …
  • ¬†And as an outcome, women have been loaded with more responsibilities; as a price of being treated as a man, she must take care of her own affairs, make living, struggle to raise her kids. The concept of men taking care of their daughters, sisters, wives and moms has begun to disappear.

The intent of this post is to explain why I am annoyed, no more no less.


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