No Sinning While Living

Disobeying Allah is like “texting while driving.” In the beginning–despite the warnings and signs and ads–you try it. You are very cautious and scared to death; you know, this is the first time you take your eyes off the road. You keep looking at the road every 50 milliseconds. You then feel unsafe and put the phone down.

Next time you drive, a text arrives–and they really arrive always while you are driving, or so you feel. “Nothing happened last time I checked the text message. I am just going to check quickly.” You tell yourself. You are deceived by your first survival. Every time you use the phone while driving, you get used to it more until you become an expert. In your mind, it is no longer unsafe to text while driving. You almost do it naturally.

But … do you remember that moment when the message was really long and interesting? Remember how much time you spent reading it? You were kind of unconscious until you realized that you have to put your eyes back on the road. Thanks God, the road was clear and straight!

You know, people die in one of these moments: a tempting message beep, followed by an intention to ‘quickly’ check the message ‘for the last time in your life,’ supported by your experience of “doing that a 100 times before and nothing happened,” followed by a deep reflection on the content of the message, followed by distraction from the road, followed by heedlessness of what is going around, and then boom!!!! 😦 May Allah protect you!

It is the same tempting moment we experience when disobeying Allah. You know it is wrong but you want to try it. You try it once (while feeling very guilty). You try it again, and again … and again. You become so used to doing it. It does not hurt you any more to sin. But be careful, it is just as dangerous as checking your text message. It can take you so long to wake up and pay attention. Be careful! Dying in a state of disobedience is ===> the worst thing that can happen to you.

May Allah protect us from disobeying Him and take our soul while He is pleased with us. May He grant us a pure sincere repentance from all our sins and mistakes.

Don’t text while driving, and, more importantly, do not sin while living.



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