Remember! You are paying back

A dear friend of yours gave you a loan of a $1,000,000. He asked you to pay him back slowly. You agreed to pay him $5 a day. You may die actually before fully paying him but he is OK with it. He give you about 12-13 years of grace period so you can get ready to start paying. How generous!

You enjoy the $1,000,000 and you use it to get into successful business. He helps your business by more money and the same conditions apply: just pay $5 a day ….

How dare you tell your friend I can no longer pay you? How dare you forget that these $5 are just something you are paying back? How dare you brag in front of everyone that you are paying your friend $5 a day? How dare you feel troubled by paying those $5?

Remember, you are paying him back. This is a debt that you will never be able to pay off. So, stop bragging!


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