We all are this homeowner

Once upon a time, there was a home owner. His house was horrible: bad painting, problems with water, plumbing, and electricity. He had problems with his wife and his children. He was weak, tired, and unable to fix any of his problems. His job was at stake and he had no idea how he was going to provide for his family in the future. He was under debt and his bank accounts were almost empty.
While he was in the midst of all this a man knocked on his door, a bright happy man. After greeting him, the man told him clearly and optimistically “I have solutions for all your problems. I am here with all what you need. I have experts in construction, painting, plumbing, and electricity. I have career consultants and I have family counselors. Just let us in and we will help fix all your problems in less than a month. We will leave while you and your family are in a completely better shape.”
The man kept looking at him thinking … “Who is this guy? Is he really able to help? I am very busy. I have no time for this nonsense. I have enough problems.” But he finally said, “Wait, I will ask my wife and get back to you” He got in and he talked to his wife. As usual they fought. He then had to rush to fix the sink since it was leaking and had to complete the lousy painting he was doing. He had to make a couple of phone calls to apply for new jobs. The man at the door kept waiting and waiting with all his crew ready to come in and help. They waited, and waited and waited …. for a whole month. Finally, they decided to leave. A few days later, the man went out of his house only to find a little note. He opened the note and read it: “May he be humiliated, whoever reaches Ramadan and he is not forgiven!”


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