I had a meeting with myself …

I had a meeting with myself, I examined it, I looked into its attributes and description, I found it as follows*,**:

  1. It likes to rest, it is lazy, and it hates to put effort. It misses a lot on doing good deeds, it pays less or no attention to praying in the masjid, or reading Qur’an, or doing optional deeds
  2. It always finds excuses to quit doing good things. It always convinces me to relax and procrastinate
  3. It has tons of wishes, hopes, and dreams; I examined those dreams and found them related to this life and what is in it
  4. It does not feel content with what Allah destined for it and it always looks to what is in the hands of other people
  5. It fears to proclaim the truth, and stays away from the trouble of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil
  6. It gets bored very quickly and has no stamina to bear difficulties and challenges
  7. It is very curious and likes to ask and get involved in that which does not benefit it or concern it.
  8. It really likes having fun, lots of fun, and wasting time. It laughs a lot and kids a lot.
  9. It hates to serve other people and loves it when others serve it
  10. It becomes extremely excited when people praise it and feels sad when it is criticized
  11. It gets angry when when injured by a word and gets proud when it defeats whoever hurts it
  12. It commands me to argue, it loves it when it wins the argument, and it wishes that those who argue against it make mistakes
  13. It resists me so much when I want to apologize or admit my mistakes
  14. It drives me to manipulate the discussion and speak a lot about it and its achievements
  15. It always makes me realize other people’s faults and pitfalls, and drives me to correct it ONLY to look better and higher
  16. It fears poverty so much and commands me to be miserly and discourages me a lot from spending in charitable causes
  17. It hastes to making decisions and pays no attention to consequences
  18. It follows its emotions and leaves no room for the mind to work
  19. ….

* A mock analysis presented in the MAS-NY tarbiya camp while discussing self discipline and self control.

** “Let us start by ourselves,” Majdi Al-Hilali, link here


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