Mercy on the Cat

We have a cute cat. We had him when he was a few weeks old and he grew up at our house. I have to say that we all love him in a varying degree. However the cat does all sorts of wrong things. He misses up with the fish tank and I have to fix it every single morning. He bites on the hoses that provide air bubbles for the fish. He bites on the expensive iPhone power cords and headphones. He loves to bite them. Only the iPhone ones.

It is almost every morning that we discover something wrong this cat does. You feel you want to beat this cat up. The moment you see him and with a couple of cute flips andĀ innocent stares, you can’t help but love him more and forgive all what he did.

To Allah belongs the highest parable. This mercy that comes to our heart for the cat is nothing compared to that which Allah has for all of us. At the chaos after one of the battles, a mother was looking for her child and when she found him she grabbed him, hugged him, and protected him from the chaos. The Prophet (pbuh) saw that and he told some of the companions next to him, “Do you see this woman? Would she throw her child in the fire?” They responded, “Of course not, o Messenger of Allah.” He (pbuh) said, “Allah is more merciful to you that this woman to her child.”

No matter what the cat does, it is our cat and we love it and we are willing to accept the apology done in the form of a few cute flips.

We are also the creation of Allah and He wants to accept our repentance and forgive us our sins and mistakes. “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”



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