The Milk Factory

A very interesting description when Allah mentioned the cattle in a verse in the chapter of “The Bees,” Allah says what can be translated as:

Surely there is a lesson for you in the cattle: We provide you to drink out of that which is in their bellies between the feces  and the blood pure milk which is palatable drink for those who take it [16:66]

Although the verse is talking about the real milk and the real cattle, I would like to drive a lesson in real life. Just think that every time people drink milk, you remind them of this verse and show them pictures of blood and feces. What do you think they will do? Although it is reality and you are not showing them anything that is wrong, this is not how people like enjoy drinking milk. The process, although well known and has to be known, is not necessarily useful to be exposed to everyone who drinks. This may harm people and may make them stop drinking milk.

In real life, especially in organizational life, the interaction between people who work together in an organization to produce something, being it a product, a service, or a program, is like the process that takes place in the bellies on the cattle. It is not an easy process. There will be opinions and opposing opinions. There will be conflict and friction. Sometimes, there will be problems and difficulties. Sometimes is tough (blood) and sometimes is really bad (?) 🙂

Transparency, on one hand, is important so organizations can be held accountable by its stake holders–such as members, share holders, or customers. However, on the other hand, excessive and unwise transparency can  be similar to showing a milk drinker a movie of the cow’s belly while drinking milk.

Beautiful and useful products can be made disgusting by unwise transparency.


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