Your bones are not free

I recently broke one of my ribs while playing soccer. As someone who is in sports all the time, I used to pay attention to those bones and joints that are apparent such as the shoulder, knee, and ancle. However this is my first time to pay attention to the tons of other bones and joints in our body that we do not pay attention to.

Rib fracture is quite painful. Breathing is painful, coughing is painful … hiccup is a disaster.  This rib fracture made me recall a very important saying of the Prophet (PBUH) when he said what can be translated as,

“Every morning the sun rises, there is charity due on every single bone.”

Getting to know that we have three hundred something bones in out body and multiplying that by the number of days we live, I came to realize how much debt I am in to Allah (swt). Having one of these bones fractured made me realize how much I can’t live without this blessing. The question that comes to mind is “How much money I am willing to pay to fix this Rib?” Well, it gets fixed for free as well. Soon, good willing, I will be enjoying my full three hundred something bones again.

The scary part is how one would be able to pay such an enormous amount of charity. Well, the Prophet (pbuh) added in the same Hadith,

You bring justice between two people is a charity. You help someone ride or carry his stuff on his ride is a charity. A good word is a charity. Every step to the Masjid is a charity. Moving the harm from the road is a charity.

If you are enjoying your three hundred something bones, you better start paying their price back.


One thought on “Your bones are not free

  1. Assalamu alykum Br. Wael,
    i wish you could have completed this hadith “and whoever pray two rakah of Salatul Duha will suffice 360 charities( to be prayed after the sun is at one spear lenght high in the horizon until the meridian)
    Shakeel Khan

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