A leadership challenge

I usually lead the Salah either at home or when I pray with others. A couple of days ago, two of us where praying in congregation and I wasn’t the Imam. After I finished my recitation, I was about to say “Allah Akbar” and bow. I realized at the last moment that I wasn’t the Imam and I had to wait for the Imam to move so I can move. It would have been really embarrassing if I where to loudly say “Allah Akbar” and move to bowing. 🙂

Two quick thoughts I would like to share (completely unrelated to Salah)

1- Those who get used to being in leadership position will find it very difficult to quit and work as regular team members. It requires a lot of discipline to be able to do so.

2- Those who continue to live as if they were in the leadership position and can’t acknowledge they are no longer there will embarrase themselves and sometimes others.

3- Salah will be invalid if you make the move ahead of the Imam. You have to keep your position as a team member when you are a team member or otherwise your work will be void

Just wanted to share this quick thought. It looks like quitting smoking is much easier that quitting leadership (positions).


One thought on “A leadership challenge

  1. SO TRUE. Here within the youth department we often make the ameer/ameera of an event or camp someone who does not usually hold a leadership position. It can be so humbling when the rest of us put so much more effort in planning, and are used to leading not following…but its a good way to break down the ego. JAK for sharing!

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