Fourth Law of Victory – My Lord ‘hurls’ the truth

Never hunted before, you look at an experienced hunter carrying his bow and arrows. A bird is flying at a very far distance. The hunter grabs the arrow, puts it in the bow, gets ready to shoot. You are watching curiously to see what is going to happen. To your surprise, the hunter does not throw the arrow at the bird. He throws it in a completely different direction, way ahead of the bird. You, according to your limited hunting experience, say, “He will never hit!” Something amazing happens. The arrow drifts a little due to the wind, the bird continues to fly, and finally the arrow just hits the bird. The hunter has experience. He has knowledge of what is going to happen. He calculates the speed of the wind and the speed of the bird. He developed a skill of how and where to shoot the arrow to be able to hit.

This is exactly how Allah (swt) “throws” the truth on the “falsehood” to defeat it. Inspired by a nice thought of

Shaikh Al-Sha’rawy, may Allah have mercy on him, I made this story above. However, the analogy is not mine and not even the Shaikh’s. Read how Allah describes the process of defeating the falsehood:

Nay, We hurl the truth against the falsehood so it knocks it out; and behold, the falsehood perishes …

This verse establishes the process: throwing “the truth” on “the falsehood” and it knocks it out. Now that we got the analogy, let us establish what I called, the Forth Law of Victory by quoting one more verse:

Say, Indeed my Lord hurls the truth, the All-Knower of the unseen

This verse uses the same analogy. However, it describes the One who performs the action–that is Allah (swt)–as the “All-Knower of the unseen.” The verse explains to us a very important concept in the battle between good and bad. It is Allah who throws the good at the bad to defeat it. He (swt) knows the unseen, that which we do not know. He knows the best way of throwing the truth at the falsehood. We may not think this is the way to do it because we do not know. We may think that the arrow is thrown in the wrong direction because we do not have experience. But the One who throws does know

When the Knower of the unseen is throwing, trust Him. He may throw in directions you do not like or disagree with. However, He will hit and you will see.

But how dare we miss or forget this law! We have seen it multiple times before. We have seen Yousuf (pbuh) been kidnapped, thrown in the well, sold as a slave, seduced by his mistress, and finally thrown in jail for a crime he never committed. Nevertheless, these very same actions that we disliked were the actions that established Yousuf as one of the highest authorities in Egypt and helped him save Egypt and its surrounding from a devastating famine.

How dare we think the arrow is not going to hit when we see Moses (pbuh) picked up from the river by his very enemy, Pharaoh. This was exactly what was needed for him to grow up as a leader to be able to save his people later. It was the conflict that happened later for Moses to leave the palace and live a simple bedouin life to be able to feel for the poor and the simple. What Moses went through was bad according to our knowledge, yet, what he exactly needed to develop the attitude of a messenger and the qualities of a leader.

How can we miss the stories of Prophet Muhammad? The loss of his parents is what lead him to accompany his grandfather then his uncle as opposed to his parents. This little suffering the kid (pbuh) went through is the exact same thing he needed to acquire leadership skills and interact with the highest rank in the society. If we were to choose for him an uncle, we would have chosen anyone but Abo Taleb. We would have chosen al-Abbas, Abo Lahab, or Hamza. They had the money to bring him up better. But we are not experienced. Allah chose Abo Taleb for a reason.

My dear reader, if you are depressed from what is going on in the world, if you see things moving in directions that you do not like, do not lose hope. Do not lose trust in Allah. These directions may be very well the directions through which Allah will bring about victory, for He (swt) is the Knower of the unseen.

Read more about the Law of Victory, the First Law of Victory, the Second Law of Victory, the Third Law of Victory. Stay tune for more laws.


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