Second Law of Victory – Human role is necessary

As we establish the first law of victory–that victory belongs to Allah and only He can grant it, we must understand that “… Allah only supports those who support Him …” [22:40]. Victory will not descend on those who ‘sit‘ and ‘wait‘ for it. It comes to those who act, work, strive, and sacrifice for it to come. It will come from Allah and probably will come from ways we never expected and never tried but it will not come until we work for it.

Allah is the Most Capable of bringing about His support to whomever He wills without any effort on our part. As He (swt) listed in Surat al-Ra’d (The Thunder), His powers are limitless:

It is Allah who has raised the heavens without any support that you could see and then He established Himself on the Throne. And He it is who has made the sun and the moon subservient, each running its course till an appointed term. He governs the entire order of the universe … And He It is who stretched out the earth and has placed in it firm mountains and has cause the rivers to flow, …

He it is who causes you to see lightening that inspires you with both fear and hope and He it is who whips up heavy clouds. And thunder celebrate His praise and holiness, and the angels, too, celebrate His praise for awe of Him. He hurls thunderbolts, striking with them whom He wills while they are engaged in the disputation concerning Allah and he is Mighty in his contriving

And more and more. Reading through the Surah you would find Allah the Most Capable. So, if Allah is the Most Capable and only He can grant victory, why doesn’t it come? In the same surah (and in the same page where  magnificent abilities are listed), Allah says

Verily Allah does not change a people’s condition unless they change that which is within themselves

Although capable of the support, He will not unless we change, unless we play a role in that change. We have to understand this part of the law very clearly. We have to move for the victory to come. We have to change for the change to happen. The prophet had to meet all the tribes for Allah to send him the tribe that supported him. He had to prepare for the battle of Badr as much as he can for Allah to send the angels to fight next to him.

If we do not understand this very well, change ourselves, expend all what we can to support the truth, we will be waiting for Allah’s victory and it may not come, for “Allah only supports those who support Him


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