First Law of Victory – Victory is From Allah

No matter how skillful we are and how hard we work, it is not our skills nor is it our effort that brings about victory. We can seek help from different powers and involve as much resources as we wish  but Allah keeps the the ownership of victory to himself.

When you read the stories of many prophets especially prophet Muhammad (pbuh) you would find that they expend so much effort in support of their message. However, often times the support comes from that which they never expected. The Prophet makes a long trip to a city called al-Ta’ef to ask them to believe in him and support his message, they mock him and he comes back with no success. However, during this trip a group of Jinn listened to the Qur’an,  believed in it, and went back to their people to deliver the message. A few months later, the Prophet uses the opportunity of Hajj to talk to almost every single tribe that came about the same thing: believe in me and protect my message. None of them accepted. While in this situation, six people from Medina came to him and accepcted Islam. Since they weren’t leaders of their people, he did not even ask them for support. It was this moment where Islam went to Medina and Medina, later, became the home for Islam and the city that protected the Prophet, his companions, and his message.

Prophet Yousuf (pbuh), while in jail for a crime he never committed, asked one of the freed prisoners, who will continue his work in the king’s palace, to mention his story to the king so he can be freed. The man forgot all about Yousuf and He spent more years in the prison. The man remembered years later and Yousuf gets out of jail, only then.

It is a message that Allah sends us and a very important concept in the Law of Victory; that is Victory is from no one but Allah Himself. Allah said it clearly in the Qur’an

… Indeed help and support only comes from Allah

If we would like to bring about victory, then we should seek it from the one who owns it. We should rely only on Him and we should expected only from Him. It is not a surprise that we have to recite this verse at least 17 times a day as part of our salah, “It is you alone whom we worship and it is you alone whom we turn for help.” It would behove  us not to seek success through ways that displease Him, for Allah does not grant victory to people who disobey Him.  If we understand this concept very well our role in bringing about victory will become clear; that is, to obey Allah and rely on Him.


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