The Law of Victory

1. When is victory going to come?

I was giving a lecture about thinking good of Allah (Husn Al-Dthan bi-Allah) and having positive thoughts about Him. I explained to the audience how this good thinking is an essential part of sound belief. I listed a few situations where this positive thought should come to mind. One of these situation was to strongly believe that Allah will support the truth, grant victory to those who stand by it, bring about justice, and defeat the falsehood. Leaving the lecture and contemplating about it as usual, I was a little uncomfortable. I analyzed the world around to only find that 1) the truth is weak, 2) people who stand for justice are oppressed, killed, and humiliated, and 3) the oppressors and the unjust are powerful and victorious. “How would one have positive thoughts that Allah’s victory is with the truth when I see thousands of people being killed and others being injured?” I wondered. What truth is victorious? Where is justice in the world? Lands are occupied; freedom fighters are oppressed; revolutionary people are tricked and betrayed. Where is the victory of Allah? When is the victory of Allah?

Can I ask this question?

Do I have the right to ask such a question? Isn’t it against my belief to even think that way? Didn’t Allah say in the Qur’an that “… Indeed the victory of Allah is close by“? But this very important statement was made as an answer to a question. To my comfort I found out that the question was, “When will the support of Allah come?” So I am not so far off by asking such a question.

What comforted me more is

that the ones who were asking this question were a messenger and those who believed with him: “… that the messenger and the believers with him say, ‘When will the support of Allah come?’ Indeed the support of Allah is close by.” Reading the verse backward, I looked a little more back (in the same verse) to find out why the messenger and the believers with him would ask such a question. It was quite interesting, yet not surprising, to find out that they were going through tough times, times similar to the ones we are going through now: “… They were afflicted by misery and hardship and they were so convulsed that the Messenger and the believers with him say …” I was really amazed by the much similarities this situation and our situation has. Of course you know what I will do next; read more, backward. 🙂 This time, I am reading the verse from the beginning till the end. It depicts a picture of the whole story. Read with me! Allah is talking to us as a community, a community who is standing for justice and supporting the truth, a community of believers who stand next to the Messenger and his message. Read …

Do you suppose that you will enter Paradise untouched by the suffering endured by people who passed away before you? They were afflicted by misery and hardship and were so convulsed that the Messenger and the believers with him say: “When will the support of Allah come? [They were assured] “Behold, the support of Allah is close by.”

The question I am asking is similar to the question these good people are asking. We (and they) are not “questioning” Allah’s support. We are, as a matter of fact, supplicating. It is a call upon Allah to bring about His support. It is a duaa that Allah expedites His help and bring down His victory.

Eventually Allah’s support will come as it came before. It is close by as Allah described. However, it is very apparent that there is a law by which Allah grants His support and a pattern through which the truth becomes victorious. There is a sunnah (a way) by which Allah supports the truth and defeats the falsehood. Justice is brought down according to a very specific law, a universal law that applied before and applies to us, and will apply henceforth. It is similar to the physical law in the sense that it must take place. However, it is different in the sense that we play a very important role in it.

Understanding this law is essential. It will comfort our heart. It will explain to us many of the event and actions we see around. It will predicts the future for us and give us guidance to what we should do next. But more importantly, it will tell us how we, as poor and weak human beings, can bring about the victory of Allah by playing the role designed for us in this very important Law of Victory.

Stay tune for a complete description of this law. Do not wait though. Share your thoughts and ideas. Let us describe this law together!

3 thoughts on “The Law of Victory

  1. Very thought-provoking…subhanAllah the Prophet pbuh, in his perfectness, was such a real example for the rest of us. We can draw so many lessons from his life through Allah’s book- if we open our hearts to the Quran and give it a chance. JAK for the post, I really enjoy your blog!

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