BismEllah…The following are brief statements regarding this year’s (2011) camp.

First, AlhamduLellah! Camp was possible due to the Tawfeeq of Allah Azzawajal.

Second, MashaAllah! If it wasn’t for the committee after the Tawfeeq of Allah, then camp wouldn’t have been a success. The committee have placed much efforts into planning and executing, and I know these words of recognition may not really compensate them, however; Allah Azzawajal will compensate them more than they have ever imagined.

Third, AstaghferUllah! I ask Allah to forgive us our mistakes, and I ask you all to forgive my shortcomings as the chairman of the committee.

Fourth, SubhanAllah! It is always amazing to see the signs of love, respect, brotherhood, and the impact done in matter of hours and days.

KNOW without a doubt that every smile that was made, every tree that provided us shade, every second you lost of sleep, every conversation shallow or deep,every shiver in the freezing night, every sting of a mosquito bite every pass/shot/dribble of a basketball, every serve/set-up/strike of a volleyball,every morsel served or given, every star decorating heaven, every drop of water in the swimming pool, every skit whether corny or cool, every dirt, leaf, or grass, and more…..WILL come to testify for us on the day of judgement Be’edhnEllah.

Fifth, Allahu Akbar! Even though I have learned from all of you guys this weekend, a Youthformer taught me beyond what Shoyookh can teach, and left an impact on me beyond what words can reach. He didn’t even say a word but his action spoke a million words! Knowing that Allah Azzawajal has blessed him with a beautiful voice, I requested for him to LEAD (remember the acronym? 🙂 us in prayer. “Arrahmaaaaan! ‘Allamal Quraaaan…” Melodies and sound waves travelled and reached our souls but suddenly…….They stopped??? There was a technical/mechanical error (forgetting to make wudho’), but the Youthformer sincerely, courageously, and competently fixed the error (by placing someone else to continue the prayer) without much chaos and noise which machines tend to make! None of us (the creation) was aware of the technical error, hence he could’ve continued without having to so called “embarrass himself!” However, this Youthformer realized that Allah (the creator) is well aware, hence he buried his ego in the ground and “elevated himself!” How many Imams can do this?

May Allah reward this “Youthformer”, indeed his reform has begun! May he as well as all the other reformers become means of bringing glory back to the Ummah.


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