Ossama, Obama, …. hmm, well, how about Alabama?

Since the night when Obama announced the success of killing Ossama Bin Laden and my Facebook turned “…AMA”: between celebrating and praising Obama and talking about the death of Ossama. Even my Egyptian friends who used to swamp me with a post every second about the progress of the blessed Egyptian revolution are now discussing the killing of Ossama: whether true or not, whether ethical or not, and whether useful or not? Muslim organizations in the US responded to the event welcoming the death and hoping that this will end a long period of Islamophobia in the US; which side did they take? Well, an AMA side! Even my kids came home saying that this was the main discussion in the classrooms and my daughter, being the first kid on the bus said that the next kid hopped in the bus saying “Hooray! We shot him!”

I had a lot of mixed feelings about the event, sometimes I keep thinking of the authenticity of the story, another I thought of how ethical it is, and more importantly whether or not this is a step towards a more peaceful world, one free of terrorism where justice prevails and freedom is enjoyed. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t happy about the announcement; I wasn’t happy about most of the responses I read from Muslim leaders both in the US nor elsewhere; I wasn’t happy with the irrelevant discussions about whether it is appropriate or not to throw his body in the sea. I wasn’t happy about everything. I did not know why I wasn’t happy but I just wasn’t.

Thinking more and more about the subject, I realized that this whole subject is completely irrelevant to me, and should be irrelevant to all. I know it is very important to politicians like Obama to claim victory and prepare for a second presidential campaign after the great birth-certificate victory. I know that America needed something to celebrate about (we haven’t celebrated for a long time man!) and here you go–people are cheering USA USA in the streets. I know that Muslim organizations needed to show their full disagreement with Ossama and hence welcomed the killing. But for me, it is all irrelevant. Ossama never represented anything to me, nor to the average mainstream Muslim. He and his ideas were no issue to all of us who grew up learning Islam AND politics together in an authentic way from people of knowledge and experience. He was no hero–and not even known–until our government (and that is the US government) made him one. The few who saw a solution is his violant way of change flipped 180 degrees after they saw the true genuine change demonstrated in the blessed, professional, and peaceful revolutions in the Middle East. As one of the scholars of Tunisia, Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghanooshi said commenting on his death, “From a religious perspective, I ask God to have mercy upon all the Muslim dead. From a political perspective, Ossama Bin Laden did not die today; he died when the Tunisian revolution and other blessed revolutions took place.”

While people are in the midst of confusion: celebrating the “victory” of Obama and the killing of Ossama, I receive this call to do something to help Alabama. Since it kind of rhymes, I thought of sharing it so we can focus on doing something more useful that can bring real value to the world. This call will help many thousands of our brothers and sisters who lost loved ones and lost with them their homes and businesses. Maybe, when we individually focus on the right thing, we can drag the media to focus on the right …AMA. Please visit this website http://www.masyouthnj.com/alabama-relief-effort and join the initiative by Islamic Relief and MAS Youth to do something meaningful to our country and the world.

So which one I cheer for, well, obviously, Alabama!

With all due respect and understanding to those who found comfort and relief in this event especially those who lost loved ones in the tragic 9/11 attack.


One thought on “Ossama, Obama, …. hmm, well, how about Alabama?

  1. Jazakallahu Khayran Ammi Wael!! I enjoyed this read; very interesting insight into things. I guess I can always count on you for amazing political and spiritual analyses 😉

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