Assalamu Alaikum,
The following are quotes that I have written intentionally as food for thought, and I ask Allah to accept.

Avoid drowning at their shores and instead dive into their depth, and you shall retrieve their pearls!

Please read through and vote for your favorites at the end.

1. Got exams? Then may Allah ease your difficulty, replace your stress with tranquility, and substitute your doubt with certainty.

2. Disorganize to organize! “Destruct to construct!”

3. Where there is a recession, hope exists!!!

4. Revelation is a Revolution!

5. Life is too short, so why argue with people?

6. One of my current Missions: Engineering of Minds, Electrocuting Thoughts, & Chemisorbing Ideas. 🙂

7. Have you cried one day because you can’t cry?

8. One can humbly be arrogant, and can intelligently be ignorant! O Allah, we seek refuge from arrogance and ignorance.

9. “…and made you into tribes and nations so that you get to know one another…” (Quran) Coexisting with others (e.g. Christians) is essential, but what is more essential is coexisting with ourselves! (e.g. S….)

لكم هو يسير علي النفس أن 10.ترمي الاخرين بالألقاب، وتصنفهم من جماعات وأحزاب، ولكم هو أيسر أن تلقي بالملامة علي الغير، وتبرأ ذاتها من الخطأ والتقصير.

11. With pain comes the realization of how ungrateful we are!

12. As the rain is descending, make sure your Du’aas are ascending.

13. Do you make  money or does money make you?

14. You are influenced by your society, but do you influence your society?

15. Which is more powerful, Strong Logic OR Logic of Strength?

16. Can ART and RELIGION coexist?

17. Are we 1 Ummah or/and Ummah 1? Two beautiful and insightful meanings.

18. “Don’t Be Angry” is a Prophetic cure to many of our current problems. Does your anger bring you problems, or do your problems bring you anger?

19. We blame non-Muslims for misunderstanding Islam, but we should blame ourselves, for many of them misunderstand our misunderstanding of Islam!

20. O Allah, innocent souls have been murdered, women have been widowed, children have been orphaned, and we ask You to be of aid to them.

21. Build an imperfect house in years or decades? Or build a perfect palace in minutes or days? (hint: Adhkar:)

22. As we stand amongst millions saying: “Guide us to the straight path”, we seek to be guided or remain guided regardless of our level of guidance! But more importantly is the usage of “US” and not “I”, indicating unity and the concern for the guidance of others!

23. Sometimes getting stung while one extracts the honey is inevitable!

24. While some drown to learn in this month (of Ramadhan), others learn to drown! Why? Why? Why?

25. The Ramadhan station is about to close, did you acquire enough Iman fuel to last you for a year long trip?

26. Being His servant brings me honor and glory, and Him being my Lord brings me humility and modesty.

75. Do you look for 50 typical friends who last for a year? Or do you look for one exceptional friend who shall last for 50 years?- inspired by a Muslim lecturer.

28. Eid Mubarak. Our joy today increases our profits with Allah. “Let it be contagious.”

29. “Me” at times represents selfishness but when the M is flipped, it becomes “We”, which represents selflessness.

30. The city that never sleeps is silent and calm today (thanksgiving day), reminding us to be thankful becauase we don’t need to pay for a retreat to reach tranquility! =)

31. When the iPhone doesn’t recognize commands due to shortage of blood flow to fingers, then you know how cold it is =)

32. May He who has saved Moses from drowning in the see and from the oppressive Pharoah save all the Muslim countries from drowning in blood and from the oppressive rulers.

33. Sometimes we must endure the bitterness of medicine in order for us to enjoy the sweetness of health!

34. “Don’t lose hope in the Mercy of Allah” Be hopeful that your deprivation of sleep, food, and fun will pay off when you see your grades.

35. Life without hope is worthless, and hope without action is useless.

36. It is painful and hurtful to find those that aim to dissect you, deem you harmful, and warn others of a so called epidemic! How sinful and immoral?

37. My Egyptian brothers and sisters, remember that you have stood up to the Pharoah even though he had claimed Godhead, and yet his ending was drowning in a state of humiliation!

38. O Allah, aid our brothers and sisters. Accept their dead, preserve their blood, heal their injured, revive their spirits, strengthen their weak, protect their wealth, and secure their land.

39. Oppressed Muslims, Even though continents seperate us, you are in our hearts and minds.

40. Allahu Akbar! The power of the youth as they stand up for justice is unstoppable! When they erupt, they take down the corrupt and construct what others destruct!

41. Mubarak Friday! Mabrook today that Mubarak’s doomsday is a new birthday!

42. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our prophet as much as the number of statuses on Facebook, videos on Youtube, pictures on flickr, and more!

– Inspired by: “May the peace & blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet as much as the drops of rain that comes down from the sky.”

43. “Ya Shabab, please don’t serve your brain in a golden plate to anyone including scholars! Just let them serve your ears, and then allow your brain to digest it by swallowing, storing, and eliminating!”

– Inspired by a Muslim intellectual who said: “I will not give my brain to anyone including Ivn Taimiyyah!”

44. Looking at the situation in the Muslim countries, the observer is left amazed as to how people get inspired and motivated to change! What inspires you and motivates you to change?

45. Sometimes we might look at a mountain, and see it to be a beautiful & peaceful one. What we don’t realize at times is that a volcano could be boiling beneath it!

46. How lucky are we? We live in such a time in which we’ll have so much to tell our grandkids 😥 or =)?

47. The sun has risen, and it shall provide light & life to the people of Libya, as well as rid the land of the darkness of its’ oppressor.

48. Realize that your happiness is a prisoner inside of you, simply release it!

49. A living heart travels and crosses borders with its HUMAN passport to feel the pain of the Japanese & Yemenis, Indians & Libyans, and Haitians & Palestinians!

50. The knowledgable arrogant is nothing but an accreditable ignorant! O Allah, increase us in knowledge and perfect our manners.

Which were your favorites?


One thought on “50 Quotes

  1. Assalam Walaikum wrwb brother 🙂

    I couldn’t just choose one,

    I loved 22, 23, 33 especially, and 35.

    Keep up with the good work! Allah ya’enak iA.

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