Away from the Revolution

Since the revolutions in the Middle East started and especially after the Egyptian revolution started, I haven’t written a single post. I was asking myself this question, “Why am I not excited to write especially after the abundance of thoughts those revolutions brought to me?”

Every time I try to write I feel that my writing will be very unreal. It won’t represent genuine feelings and it will lack spirit. I never hoped to be somewhere more than I did when I hoped to be among the revolts in Egypt since I would have probably been with them if I were in Egypt. I was obsessed with the feeling that anything done away from the revolution is insignificant. When I saw people of Libya giving away their lives to gain their freedom, I feel that nothing can come close to this act. Everything is insignificant compared to what is taking place.

This reminds me with a group of Muslims who migrated from Mecca to Abyssinia running away from oppression. The Prophet and his companions later migrated to Medina, when they faced a huge amount of challenges: many battles took place, many martyrs passed away, many victories were granted, some defeat hurt them. These other companions were away in Abyssinia probably feeling the same as I feel now: “Why can’t we be with the Prophet supporting him and struggling next to him?”

Here are a few points to help getting positive impact from being “away from the revolution”

  • We have not run away from playing a role. Allah (swt) has a plan for us to be away. So, no reason to feel guilty.
  • Our pure intention to contribute to such great events if we were there can grant us a similar reward from Allah swt. The prophet, while being in one of the battles told his companions that “Every time you go through a valley or met an enemy except there are people in Medina who will share the reward with you; they have an excuse not to join you.”
  • There are many other things to be done. Allah holds us accountable for the amount of effort we do and the quality intention we have, not the great results our work produces. The role those companions in Abyssinia were playing was also important. That is why the prophet wanted them to be there and he was extremely happy when they came back. His meeting with them was a meeting of celebration and value, not accusation and blame.

So, we have a lot to do away from the revolution. Let us do what we can. Let us purify our intention in what we do. Let us have a commitment that if we are faced with what these heroes are faced with, we will behave similarly or better. Let us ask Allah to grant us a chance for a good deed and accept it from us. Let us make duaa for those freedom fighters and hope that Allah grants them victory. Let us support them with all possible means. More importantly, let us compete with them to please Allah (swt) in our struggle against the evil of our own self and that in our societies. The struggle for freedom in ON throughout the world. Let us be part of it. Although physically “Away from the Revolution,” spiritually we should be in the midst of it!



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