Want to control your own heart?

Imagine the scenario where you are given the opportunity to control your own heart; that is, you are responsible for it, you give it the order to pump whenever your want and to wherever you want.

Isn’t that fun? I can pump more blood to my face so it becomes red and then reduce it so it becomes yellow. My friends will find it cool.

Isn’t it more accurate?  I pump blood the way I want with the amount I want with the rate I want. I know when I need more blood at what times. When I eat, I send more blood to the stomach; when I study I send it to the brain; When I play soccer, I send it to the leg muscles (and a little bit to the brain so I can make smart passes; and yes, if I am a goalie it is a different formula).

Isn’t it safer? I can control the blood pressure and I can make sure I push more blood in areas with clots (actually that is going to increase the pressure, well, I will figure it out). I will be in a better shape.

Man! This looks very good. How about if I can control my breathing, my liver functions, and my kidneys? And how about if I can control the cell and the RNA communications and produce protein the way I want? (only if I know how it work. I will figure it out). I can actually manage my life better and live longer and probably forever. Everything is in my hand. All these functions are taking place by orders from my brain and different organs of my body so I do not need anything else. Science now knows a lot about the human body and I think if I learn that I will be able to control it.

Any little kid who knows a little bit about our human body would tell me, “You probably will die in the first second of this experiment.” Even if I manage to live for three or four seconds, they will be the most miserable seconds a human ever lived.

For that reason, God protected silly people like me from even trying by making all these functions happen through a system, a well designed system, with minimal intervention from us. We “rely” on God in all these functionalities and we can’t dare to think of taking care of it ourselves. However, in other functionalities of our life, God gave us the full choice to control it and maintain it. But with this choice, he sent us guidance to show us how to do it right. Many of us follow the guidance given to them by God and hence succeed. Some others reject it and follow their own thoughts and desire.

My claim in this short post is that people who reject the guidance of God regarding their life and the choices they make are like this silly me above who want to control his heart, liver, kidney, and cells.

Conforming to God’s guidance is the only way you guarantee a successful life. If you think you know better, go for it. You might as well control your own heart, if you dare! 🙂


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