“Return, Retreat, Remember” was the theme for the 2010 summer camp, but I decided to change the order of the words (to Retreat, Remember, Return) and ultimately their connotations.  The following is a shorter version of the Khaterah that I gave, but I decided to post it anyways so that Br. Wael doesn’t give up! 😉   I have withheld the lessons that I have extracted from each one in hopes that you share your own first 🙂 I ask Allah to make this of benefit to you.

A group of young believers lived in a city poisoned by disbelief. They rejected the norms and questioned the logic behind submitting one’s life to a creation! Driven by love for their people, they sought to be a means of guidance. They tried to unlock the minds of Shirk (polytheism) with the key of Tawheed (monotheism), but they experienced difficulties in inserting a new key into decayed locks. The people adhered to misguidance and the youth became adhered to guidance and thus were a target to be exterminated. Hence, they had to retreat and run with their lives. They climbed a mountain, entered a cave, and experienced the Mercy of the Most Merciful. With the remembrance of Allah and pondering upon His creation, the cave that was dark, hot, and a host for snakes and scorpions became more accommodating to them than the house that was bright, cool, and free of harmful creatures. To them, true darkness was that of the minds that are infested with false beliefs, which can lead to the never ending heat of Jahannam!

As they were in the cave, Allah tested them [or blessed them, for those that didn’t sleep in the first night of camp =)] with sleep for hundreds of years. They woke up assuming that they just took a nap or so! They then returned to the city hiding from their people but are then surprised to find out that they have slept for generations and that the descendants are upon guidance. Eventually, their souls returned to the Creator.


Three men were once walking and talking, and suddenly the weather changed and it begun to rain. They sought shelter and cover inside a cave. As they were waiting for the rain to stop, the unexpected occurred….

A bolder blocked the entrance of the cave, and they were stuck inside! They quickly worked together to push the bolder, but it was too heavy for them. They tried repeatedly and then realized that they have no way out except by returning to Allah. They agreed that each one would recall a sincere worship that he has done, and then supplicate to Allah hoping that He would answer.

The first one begun by reviewing the files stored in his memory, until he found one with description of an action that he has done sincerely for the sake of Allah. The file had a short narrative of him bringing milk to his parents and ensuring that they drink from it before his children, his wife, and himself. Once upon a time, he came home late and found his parents a sleep. He stood up all night holding the milk jar and waiting for his parents to wake up. His children woke up earlier and cried begging him for milk! His parents woke up, drank some of the milk, and passed it on to their grandchildren…

After submitting this narrative through a supplication, it was accepted and a door of possibilities opened up. However, it wasn’t big enough for the men to exit!

The second man’s narrative was about the woman of his dreams. His heart was filled with love for her, but his lust tainted it. Instead of asking to be with whom he loved by marring her, he asked to take advantage of her by sleeping with her! The woman refused to be debased and thought of as only a body that fulfills other people’s desires, and thus rejected him. But unfortunately, with life’s financial struggles, the woman was forced to ask him for many. He accepted lending her money under the condition of him sleeping with her. Again, his desires blurred his vision and reasoning to the extent that he wanted to exploit the woman’s weakness! The woman had no other option at that circumstance and as he came near her, the way a husband comes near his wife, she reminded him to fear the Almighty. He then avoided her even though she was the most beloved to his heart, and left the money he loaned her…

The file was submitted, accepted, and returned with greater opening. However, they were still stuck.

The third man’s file was more of a business one. He hired a number of workers and paid them their wages (in animals) except for one worker who travelled before getting paid. When that worker returned from a long trip, he asked for his wage as expected. The man told him that your wage is everything that you see in front of you from cows and sheep! The worker, probably thinking that his boss was a wise guy, said to the man (the boss): “stop making fun of me” and rightly asked for his salary. The man explained that he wasn’t he was serious and that he has invested the salary until it was multiplied through the natural process of reproduction! The worker then took all of the animals more easily than taking out profits of investments from Wall Street…..

The file was sent, received and replied to with an opening that was added to previous ones.

Finally, the three men were able to escape the cave, and probably enjoyed the fresh air after that rainy day, but most definitely returned as different human beings.


On the Day of Judgment, a man will come with 99 scrolls full of sins that he has committed in this life. Each scroll is -in length- as far as the eye can see! Allah (the All-Knowing) will ask him: Have you done anything good in your life? Did my angels oppress you and withheld writing your good deeds?

The man-hopeless and certain that no good deeds of his can ever outweigh his 99 scrolls of bad deeds -replies: No.

Allah will say: You have one thing… A card that has a statement written on it!

The man is still hopeless and perhaps thinks: One card? 99 scrolls!!!

Allah the Most Just and the Most Merciful will order for the one card to be placed on one side of the scale and the 99 scrolls to be placed on the other. And behold…….

The 99 scrolls flew in the air!!!

La Elaha Ella Allah!

La Elaha Ella Allah” is the statement that was written on that card, and nothing can ever be heavier and greater than devoting one’s life to the One who has provided life.


Since you have finished reading, let me then kindly ask you…

What are your lessons and reflections?


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