Can’t focus? Here …

I was always wondering about the fact that the few minutes we spend in our prayer everyday are considered the most important deed we do. Five times a day, you will have to drop what you are doing and get into praying. There is a huge value in these few minutes that we spend in our prayer. And I am sure there is a huge impact our prayer has on us so that we can live a better life during the many hours we spend outside prayer.

Part of what the five times prayers teach us is the ability to focus. It brings to our habit the concept of “prioritizing” and the concept of “focusing” on high priority actions. Many of us just do many things that are not importnat, leave important things undone, perform important tasks mediocrely, or oscillate between many important things with no focus on any. Prayer teaches us to drop low priority things for high priority one. It also teaches us to do that in a timely fashion. It enforces the habit of focusing our minds and our hearts as well as our body on the thing we are doing and do not get distracted by others important things, simply because they are less important. If we do our prayer right, we will do everything else right. If we follow the guidance given to us by the prophet while performing our prayer, everything else will come through. Here are three points regarding this single aspect of prayer I am talking about.

  • No matter what you are doing, you have the obligation to drop everything and perform your prayer, 5 times a day. Yes, only for a few minutes but you must do that; and time is of the essence. “Indeed prayers have been a timely obligation on the believers
    • LESSON: Timely important tasks cannot wait. Give them the highest priority and do them IN THEIR DUE TIME
  • You start off your prayer by saying “Allah Akbar (Allah is greater).” Allah is greater than everything you dropped to enter your prayer and he is greater than anything you want to do after your prayer.
    • LESSON: When doing important things, do not be distracted by other things even if they are important. FOCUS on what you are doing because it is more important.
  • Noon prayer, which is often in the middle of the day is surrounded by a relatively long optional prayer, both before and after. The optional prayer before the noon prayer helps you build up focus for the main prayer, while the one after helps you make up for any shortcomings that may have happened during the noon prayer
    • LESSON: Get ready for important tasks; prepare yourself for them. When they are done, make sure they are done right. Give yourself time to check and fix any shortcomings in those highly important tasks

Time for me to stop blogging now since I have something else more important to do. 🙂


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