Not excited to go to work? Me too until …

Laziness! Sigh!

Active people may not understand what I am talking about. How would they? They are enjoying the blessings of being active, excited, and energetic. I belong to this group sometimes :-). In a little younger age, I was a little surprised to see that the Prophet (pbuh) makes a specific prayer in the morning and in the evening asking Allah to protect him from several things amongst them is “laziness.” Now I understand, it is a killer.

Laziness comes in all forms and shapes. It is a creepy desease that disables our muscles, our brain, our heart, and our spirit. It is worse than having a physical disability. Laziness is a mental desease and a very bad personal and group habit. One of the creepy yet effective tools laziness uses to make you lazy is to make you lose excitement about what you are doing. You feel no happiness in what you are doing and you wish if you can do something else. Even if you do not stop doing what your doing, you do it like a zombie, lifeless moving creature. You also see no reward in what you are doing and you feel you better spend your little energy some where else. But because you are lazy, you do not even think of any “some where else” and you just move on with a lazy life.

Work is one of these things. Work has the ability to turn you off. No matter how exciting, it is work. No matter how you are faced with new things every day, they are the same new things. We should think of creative ways to keep ourselves excited doing our jobs. I am sure you can think of many ways, one of them hit me this morning when I was reading a few of the sayings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

He, and his companions, passed by a worker, an energetic active worker. After they all liked his energy, his excitement, and his seriousness in his job, some of the companions said, “We wish this is for the sake of Allah!” The Prophet said, “If this man is doing what he is doing to take care of his young children, this work is for the sake of Allah. If he is doing so to take care of his old parents, it is for the sake of Allah. If he is doing that to earn lawful money so he stops himself from earning from unlawful means, he is for the sake of Allah. If he is just showing off or developing pride, then it is for the sake of the devil.

I ask Allah to make the long time we spend in our jobs for His sake, we also seek His refuge from laziness and lack of excitement!

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