Should I stop blogging daily?

After one week in the postAday2011 challenge, I would like to really stop and think whether this is a good idea or not. I have mixed feelings about it. I became so active in reflecting and take note of every idea worth posting. I started being used to writing something every day. I have a list of potential ideas that can fill January and I feel I can keep up. The number of readers of my blog in the first week of January is almost as big as my most busy month and way above the monthly average.

But I still have a mixed feelings about it. Some of my readers are joking with me that they can’t keep up reading. I am not enjoying writing as much. I feel it is a job I have to do as opposed to want to do it. I kind of feel the few reader who come to the blog are not as excited. I do not know! I am a little hesitant to continue blogging on daily basis. I thought of getting some feedback to help. If you happen to read, please help me decide by filling the following form. Thanks!


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