Silence People: Block the Mercy of God

This post is inspired by a post written by my friend AB and I can’t find the link to post

In one of the very famous chapters in the Qur’an, Ar-Rahman (The Most Merciful), Allah starts the chapter by a few short versus. The First one says, “Ar-Rahman!” The verses to follow, though short and fast, describe the manifestation of this mercy. Here: “The most merciful * [It is He who] Taught the Qur’an * [He has] Created man * [He] taught him speech.” The word “Bayan,” translated here as “speech” is more comprehensive than just speech. It is about giving man the ability to express himself, share his ideas, explain what his thoughts, etc.

What is very important to know is that not only is this a right people have but also some kind of “mercy” from Allah upon his creation. When this piece of mercy is taken away from people, they will suffer. They will look for it; they will miss it; their life will be a difficult life. It is similar to taking away from people water, food, air, or shelter. The only difference is that taking away these materialistic needs has an instant apparent effect on them. Taking from people their ability to express themselves has a similar effect but on the their souls, and it will lead eventually to death, but that of the soul.

Oppressive governments do so, and hence the amount of frustration and lack of quality life. But more importantly, we, sometimes, deprive people around us from a good environment where they can “consume” this type of mercy Allah gives them. Here is a few examples to demonstrate how we do that, knowingly or unknowingly:

  • In a family setup where one party such as the father or the mother manipulates the scene, He/She is the one who talks, makes decisions, figures out what is right and what is wrong, directs the whole course of discussion and actions. Others, especially children, will not experience the mercy of Allah expressing themselves within the family. The first and the most important support system, in that case, will lack this type of mercy.
  • In the work place when more eloquent people manipulate the discussion, have the largest share of talking and expressing themselves. Doing so gets their creative ideas out but excessiveness in doing so deprives others from sharing theirs which can be as good. In addition, and more importantly, they create an environment where this type of mercy is missing.
  • Friendship loses its value when people do not get the opportunity to share with friends their emotions and their thoughts. Friends who do not allow their friends to exercise this type of mercy are not good friends. Friends listen more and talk less.

I can’t forget the quote by one of the great scholars of Islam in which he said, “I hear someone else’s thought with full attention, excitement, and praise, while I know for sure that he heard this very idea from me.” I say, what a man! This is the kind of people you want to be around.

Those who know me, probably, know why I am writing this. 😥

4 thoughts on “Silence People: Block the Mercy of God

  1. Beautiful! Subhanallah, human beings are interestings. In some cases, it’s very eyeopening to take a step back and try to gauge, or sort of feel, the emotions and motives of discussion hoggers or power manipulators. What is he looking for from those around him? Why? Is he missing something? Many times it’s selfishness or ignorance, but sometimes you get a sneak look at that innocent human being hiding in his fortress, hiding behind his vanguard of actions and statements. He doesn’t want to come out. He’s scared to come out! He doesn’t want the evils of humanity to hurt him. So, he obsessively hides it behind his smokescreens of words and actions. He feels internally pressured to act like a “leader” because he’s afraid that if he stops, people will see how weak he really is.

    Anyway, I loved taking a break and reading your post. I have an inheritance exam Monday, so please make duaa. You know how it is on this end…memorize, memorize, memorize! 🙂

  2. “So, he obsessively hides it behind his smokescreens of words and actions. He feels internally pressured to act like a “leader” because he’s afraid that if he stops, people will see how weak he really is.”

    Man! Did you make that up? It is so strong. If you write a statement like that, the inheritance exam should be a piece of cake for you. 🙂

    May Allah help you with your exam!

  3. Masha Allah– this is such a beautiful reflection Br. Wael! Keep expressing yourself, it’s a blessing to experience your blessing of ‘bayan.’

  4. Thank you Ammi Wael for the complement. Well, putting the words and meanings together was my expression of how I felt, but your question brings to mind a reflection. Subhanallah, I think this is a way that the words of the Propeht (saws) “The indivdual is with whom he loves” can be understood. Human beings are highly affected by whom they love. What makes an individual who he is is quite unique. You take all of his experiences and all of the people he surrounded himself with and all of those he loved and you mush that together with his emotions and you have yourself a human. The Qur’an is an excellent source of blending concepts with human emotions. It’s wierd I found myself on many occasions mimicing the teachers I love in the most minute things like facial expressions, gestures and comments. Like, I had one teacher who always says “rabbina Yikrimak” and now I can’t get it off my tongue. 🙂 So, nothing I say is really original. After Allah’s tawfeeq a lot comes from you guys, my mentors, my teachers, discussions with my brothers and sisters and from books. Thanks for blogging, your posts make me think a lot 😉

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