Violence Vaccine

It has been frustrating to find the wave of violence throughout the world only increase and develop momentum. It even happens in places and situations that never experienced such violence before. Violence often affects innocent people who have committed no crime or hold no responsibility for what may have caused people to act violently. Although I condemn, with the strongest possible means, harming innocent people, I still think that we need to find more meaningful ways to deal with this type of violence fundamentally.

All what I see happening in dealing with violence are a very superficial, and sometimes wrong, ways that mostly involves intelligence and law enforcement. Even worse, sometimes military and wars are launched in the name of combating terrorism. Interestingly, in “some countries :-)” intelligence and enforcement agencies have been trapping/engaging people in plans of violent acts, then arrest them accordingly. In other countries, the government is dealing with violent acts with more violence. What is even more interesting and more harming, that the law enforcement and their wrong treatment of violence result in less democratic atmosphere. In this atmosphere, people who choose to express their positions and educate the public about it through open, respected, and legal means are also subject to harassment from those law enforcement agencies, sometimes and in some countries, dealing with them as if they are criminals and as if they committed violent acts.

My feeling is that if the world, especially the governments, continues to use these tools to combat violence, violence will only increase. My fear is that if governments deal with opposition universally irrespective wether there are violent or peaceful that people will find no difference between the two and they may resort to violence. The case moderate people make that peaceful resistance and democracy are the ways to fix corruption will be a very weak case given the mistreatment opposition gets, violent or not.

Justice is the first vaccine. People, in general, do not like injustice. God made injustice forbidden, even on Himself. People have the right, even the obligation, to fight injustice and stand against it. They sometimes go out of limits and violate principles while doing so. Sometimes, they commit injustice while doing so. However, injustice was the source of the problem that moved them in the first place. Evil people use the card of injustice to recruit naive people for wrong acts. Imagine the hypothetical situation where the world is perfect and just. No one is facing injustice and no one suffers oppression. This is the world where people’s right are protected and no one transgresses. The crime, in this perfect world, will come from an evil mischief-spreading person who will clearly stand out and absolutely deserves punishment. Imagine we inject enough of this vaccine in the world, the world will probably be crime free.

And since we do not live in a perfect world and we have some people who, despite the amount of justice injected in the world, developed immunity to it the same way viruses develop immunity against vaccines, injustice will be committed, people will be oppressed, and crimes will take place. Here comes the second important vaccine, that is freedom, namely people’s freedom to stand against this injustice and gain their rights back.

The more justice we have (first vaccine) the less violence we will experience. When injustice happens, given the human nature of the world, freedom (the second one) gives people the option to bring justice back. With these two vaccines, we can immunize our society against violence.

You do not have to consult with your doctor or wait for a prescription, just go ahead an inject your world with these two vaccines! If these two vaccines are collected from the market by evil people who happen to be in charge, your cause and life mission of bringing justice and freedom back to the world becomes more interesting, rewarding, and a mission worthy living.

O Allah, make us from the people of justice, who stand for justice. O Allah liberate us and allow us to liberate the world!

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