Because I’m an English major, people assume I’m an avid writer, eating, drinking, and sleeping research papers because they are the joy of my life. When I clarify that my real interest in languages is a purely linguistic one, most walk away discouraged to search for the next victim, I mean, essay ‘editor’.

I don’t know why I majored in linguistics, but I do know why I continue to study it. In my senior year of high school, I made the istikhara prayer tens of times, and I thank God ten times that for guiding me to pen “English-Linguistics’ in the major field of my petition that one blessed day. Linguistics and zG hit it up ever since. This summer, Allah also blessed me with the opportunity to study Arabic in Jordan. I still marvel at the fortune of Abul Aswad Ad-Du’ali’s daughter; inshaAllah she gets the ajr for every human that benefits from her father’s work until the day of judgement!

While I was studying the linguistics of both English and Arabic, the question of purpose haunted me many a moment (especially before tests ;-), and sometimes I would navigate to my university’s list of majors, only to rule out every single one.

Even though my life is not yet over, I have already derived several benefits to studying what Allah wrote for me. I’ll expound upon these tomorrow God-willing. Until then, ponder upon your relationship with your language, and thank God for linguistics!

This was my way of breaking the barrier between my keyboard and the screen. See y’all tomorrow as I take on the postAday 2011 with God’s permission and help!


7 thoughts on “Linguini+Sticks=Linguistics

  1. Hey zG, I am very excited you are taking on the challenge. It is very nice that we make sure there is a postAday from our blog. I was thinking last night of how on earth I will keep up with the challenge and it really made me sad to fail very shortly. Your post came as an encouragement!!!!

    Regarding Arabic, although this blog is in English, I am thinking of blogging in Arabic so that you can really excel. If you get the chance to write your ideas in Arabic, you are an expert. I am also happy to write in Arabic. Let us create a new blog called, 🙂

    • Br. Wael, that would be uh-mazing! However you choose to do it, I think it will greatly benefit me to type and think in Arabic for even an hour a week/ ten minutes a day. I need to get the gears turning–it’s almost impossible to find someone that will speak in only fus7ah, and I’m seriously handicapped only five months later. I enrolled in a class starting this weekend to refresh, so adopting a blog as my new language buddy sounds excellent. What about Or Or …? I’m so excited, and may Allah reward you for the idea!

      Actually, I did not even consider reposting until I read your post, “Why…anyway.” Your enthusiasm is positively contagious 3ammo, so here I am. Does this mean I will post one day, and you the next?

  2. I’ve taken on the postaday2011 challenge as well. I’m a freelance art writer in San Francisco, CA. I know the topics we’re delving into this year are very different but I definitely look forward to your explorations! I studied Islam in college and it was a great experience (I should add, I went to a Catholic University as well). Again, all the best!

    • 🙂 Dorothy, thanks for the moral support. It’s truly a challenge, and though I certainly have not chosen to blog along a certain topic, the beauty of blogging is just that: reading fellow humans’ thoughts to complement, complete, form, negate, or add to our own imperfect ideas! 🙂

      That’s awesome! I really admire writers who seek to understand others’ beliefs, be they religious or delicious (I believe that Moroccan cuisine trumps all else. Can you understand that? 😉

      Thanks, and take care!

  3. Jazakallahu Khairan sister zG for the thoughts. Congrats on breaking the silence of the group besides Ammu Wael. I’ve been feeling like a big slacker since I haven’t been posting. 😦

    Ammu Wael were you serious about blogging in Arabic sometimes on this site?! That would be cool. There’s a lot of beautiful Islamic poetry in Arabic, and I would love to share that. I can even put the translation under it so that it can be a way for others to build vocabulary and understand it’s beautiful meaning. It’s just a thought. Anyhow, Although I don’t think I have the guts to post every day, I’ll try to start blooging more too. 😉

    • Well, I was thinking of starting an Arabic blog and leave this for English. I was thinking more of original ideas written in Arabic by you guys so you can practice your language, not a copied/translated stuff. Like let us see how you can post your nice posts but in Arabic 🙂

    • Wayyak. This unnatural method exposes one’s weaker trains of thought, but future posts may hold benefit.

      Don’t Be Sad, inshaAllah you can share your gems after acing your exams with flying colors inshaAllah!

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