Lose, sometimes

For a reason or another, I have been losing a lot recently. Believe it or not, even in soccer, I have been losing. In business, things are not moving well. In my volunteer work, I am also challenged and have been, well, not succeeding. On the family level, Oops, not sharing personal details 🙂

We have been created to love winning. My athletic life created a very strong desire in me to win, not only to win but to hate losing. When I lose (and I am sure every one else feels the same), I have this bitter feeling that I can’t describe. But it is not nice. Recently, I have been thinking of something good about losing so I do not really feel bad. After a little reflection, I do not think it is really that bad to lose especially if you try your best to win. I even argued (against my win-loving self) that it is better sometimes to lose. Here is why.

  • You do not always learn by winning. You learn as much, or even more, by losing.
  • Winning sometimes brings to you all sorts of bad qualities such as arrogance and self deceit. Losing sometimes brings positive feelings such as humility
  • Losing makes  you understand your weak self and reminds you with the real power, the one that Allah grants you if He wills. It makes you seek His support and beg Him for help. Winning, on the other side, may make you forget Him
  • Losing makes others (who defeat you) happy. If those others are family, friends, or coworkers, it is very nice to let them feel happy
  • Losing gives you an energy to try to win while winning may make you relax
  • AND FINALLY You can’t really feel the sweet taste of winning without feeling the bitter taste of losing 🙂

I have a much longer list of things to say why winning is better. I will share them insha’Allah, just when I am in the corresponding state 🙂

This is not an invitation for you to lose. It is just a reminder that if you lose, it is OK. Be positive about it as I am.

Happy Successful New Year everyone!

Those who are like me, enjoy the blessings of losing!



2 thoughts on “Lose, sometimes

  1. Salam Ammu Wael. This is absolutely beautiful! Now that I think of it, it wouldn’t be very nice if I knew me losing makes those dear to me happy. lol 🙂 In my eyes, I think you’re always a winner Ammu Wael:

    I think an apparent loss should be viewed at in the case of the believer to be an ultimate victory. Subhanallah, Allah blessed Him with something to bring him down only to raise him up higher. So, his loss is actually a win because actions are evaluated by their end results. If the individual always wins, he might be a loser because he missed out on what you mentioned.

    Subhanallah, I think the individual has similar sentiments when they get sick. I’ve had a sickness for about a weak, and my nose is all closed up. So, it’s weird when I eat, no matter what I eat, my body can’t sense the difference between good or bad food. That taste of feeling delicious food and it’s flavor is gone just because I can’t smell. This life is full on interesting lessons Alhamdulillah.

  2. LOL, those dear to you will be happy if you lose “to them.”

    I like what you wrote about the ultimate winning: losing is just a step in your way of real winning. I love your sentence “Allah blessed Him with something to bring him down only to raise him up higher.”

    One thing for you and your colleagues, TIME FOR EXAMs. Your focus should only be winning isa!!!!

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