The Lord of the Aquarium

We recently bought an aquarium, a fairly big one. We were all excited to start seeing our fish playing around. It is like 10 times better than watching TV (at least for me). As first timers, we overfed the fish and created dirty water and unnecessary toxics that began to stress the fish and cause some fish death.

Starting to read about aquarium maintenance, I found out that it is not that easy to maintain an environment similar to the one the fish is used to. It is a very complex process through which the toxic ammonia which comes out from the remaining food and fish waste is converted to nitrite (toxic as well) which is converted to nitrate (less toxic) to be consumed by plants and reduced by water change and/or some chemicals. This so-called Nitrogin cycle is handled by different sorts of bacteria that exist in the natural habitat of these fish. These bacteria needs a specific pH level and certain level of water minerals for it to work properly. They also, obviously, need to be kept alive and not being killed by the naive water change with chlorine tap water during tanks maintenance. The owner of the aquarium needs to make sure the cycle takes place. One needs to measure the level of all these factors and intervene with the necessary procedures to fix any imbalance in this cycle.

I also wondered if my wife, my kids, or our guests start feeling bad for the fish and start adding chemicals and bacteria supplements without my knowledge (we all play “lords” for the aquarium), what would have happened?

As usual, I reflected on this whole thing. I reflected on the creation of God: how amazing and accurate this process is. I also wondered how many creations that we do not see such as those bacteria that are created for a purpose. I also wondered how many other secretes I personally do not know and even the whole humanity does not know.

I also reflected on how difficult it is to maintain a small little aquarium. How about if this is a large pond, a stream, a river, a lake, a sea, an ocean, or the whole body of water? How about the land? How about maintaining the whole earth, the other planets, and the whole galaxy? What if I am in charge of maintaining this universe? What if we as humans are in charge of maintaining this whole universe? How much fish death will we cause?

After this whole reflection is over, I said, “Alhamdu Lellah Rabb El-Alameen” [1:2] (Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds!). It reminded me that the first and the foremost thing we praise and thank Allah for is that He IS THE LORD, and the ONLY LORD. I really felt it and wanted to share this feeling with others.

I ask Allah to be the sustainer of my life and not to leave it to me for any tiny moment!



4 thoughts on “The Lord of the Aquarium

  1. MashaAllah, how true. Life is a delicate balance yet effortless for the creator of all that exists. I pray you are able to care for your fish well. It is not an easy task to undertake.

  2. This is absolutely beautifu akhi Wael!! When I read it, I had a reflection I wanted to share:

    Glory be to Allah, this perfect scale in his universe was mentioned to us for several reasons. The primary reason is to instill our servitude and need of Him, as you mentioned. A second wisdom is to encourage us as callers to Islam and as human beings to strive to implement and maintain that scale in all of our relations. The leader of a group should seek to define those essential elements and the ways apply them that are needed for maintenance to avoid any “fish deaths”. That is critical for him/her to properly do the maintenance.

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