A brilliant sentence – “Leave it, it is ordered!”

Every time I read stories about the Prophet especially those stories in important moments of his history, peace be upon him, I get impressed. I get impressed from the brilliance of his moves, the guided steps of his action, and the continuous support that Allah, ta’ala, give him.

Here is one of those brilliant moments.

The short story

The prophet arrives at Medina. Everyone is excited. Every one is happy. Muslims and non-Muslims are out. Muslims are out to receive their beloved and see his face, probably for the first time for many of them. The non-Muslims want to find out for themselves who this man is that they heard about and many of their people believed in. They probably want to examine this “new” religion. They are all very excited that they finally found the man who will be able to unite their city after a long time of fights and enmity.

The prophet enters Medina on his she-camel, with Abu-Bakr next to him on his. After determining which one is which, people start to grab the leash of the prophet’s camel to direct him to their houses so he can settle with them. Not only do they want to have the prophet living next to them but most probably the place where all the Muslims will gather and where all the actions will take place, that was later the masjid.

The prophet made his brilliant sentence, “Leave her, it is ordered!” By Allah, he means. Everyone let the camel find its way until it, on its own, parked down in the place where the prophet built his Masjid and his humble little house.

To make the short story long

Where is the brilliance? I believe this is extremely brilliant. Here is why.

  • The prophet, pbuh, usually as you can see from his biography does not wait for the revelation from Allah especially when things are of the life matters. In other words, the prophet does not control the time or the situation where revelation comes to him. Whenever an issues faces him, he would think about it, bring consultation around it, and make a decision and an action regarding it. Allah’s revelation comes to support, correct, or sometimes reverse the prophet’s and the companions’ decisions. That was always his tradition pbuh. In a few cases, and that is one of them, he explicitly and publicly did not do that.
    • He did not gather the people of Medina and consult with them about the best place to build the masjid or his house as he did later while establishing the trade market for example.
    • He did not gather the immigrants and consulted with them about that issue either.
    • He did not even gather leaders such us Abu-Bakr, Omar, Sa3d Ibn Mu3adth
    • Instead, he publicly declared it, “Leave it, it is commanded [by Allah]!” He, while saying that, establishes something new to Medina and to the society of the Arabs. Something new to planning and acting. Something they will have to remember throughout the future while the prophet is among them and after the prophet leaves. That is, the she-camel is ordered by Allah, the prophet is ordered by Allah, all Muslims are ordered by Allah. And when Allah orders, everyone has to listen and obey. It was very important that this idea is instilled in the minds and the hearts of the people of Medina in the very first interaction with their messenger and in the very first decision they will make. It was important that they remember the nice scene where everyone is quiet, attentive, waiting, and observant of a camel which, miraculously, moves until it reaches the final location of the most important spot in their city. Everyone was including the Messenger himself, pbuh.
  • In addition to that, the prophet choosing this spot on his own in the very first day would have created some jealousy in the hearts of those who will not be selected. These are basically every one  other than the one being selected. I also think Allah saved all of them from this jealousy by commanding the prophet to let the camel follow Allah’s orders to arrive at the place. Even the temporary place that the prophet stayed in until the masjid and his little home were built was not chosen based on any particular relationship with the prophet, not his relatives in Medina, nor the leaders of Medina. The prophet simply asked, “Which of the houses of our people is closer?” Calling the people of Medina “his people,” and focusing on the practicality of the choice being close to the Masjid place was also a brilliant statement.

With these brilliant little things from the prophet, phuh, he accomplished a lot in establishing a very strong and healthy society that shouldered the most important mission of earth; that is delivering the message of Allah to humanity!

O Allah, grant us wisdom and guide our steps, for “he  who is given wisdom, is given a lot of good!” Amin

One thought on “A brilliant sentence – “Leave it, it is ordered!”

  1. Salamu Alaikum Ammu Wael!

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder. It came at a good time for me. Sometimes, if one forgets this element when looking at matters in life it can become very depressing and exhausting. Leave it, for it is commanded!

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