A good thought – dismiss NOT!


What kind of thoughts that come to the mind of a person who killed 99 people? This man literally killed 99 people face to face. The guy was a clear criminal. Probably the thoughts that come to his mind were, “Who is my next victim? How am I going to take care of him? How am I going to get away with it? Am I going to get caught?” These and similar thoughts would come to this criminal’s mind.

In the authentic story told by the Messenger (pbuh) about a man who killed 99 people, this man asked about the most knowledgeable man on his land. When he was told about a monk, he went and asked him, “Can I repent?” We all know the story and we all know what happened. I may touch upon other aspects of the story in a later post. However, what I want to focus on now is the following question. What on earth made this criminal man think of repentance? How did such a thought came to him mind? What kind of experience he went through to make him think to quit killing and become a good, righteous person? According to the story, he lived in a land full of bad people and he was advised to leave it in order for him to possibly live a righteous life. How did this thought come to his mind? Here is a few possibility.

He probably heard a word here or there. He might have read a page or so that mentioned how bad killing is. One of his victims might have told him, “fear Allah!” or “Allah will avenge for me.” He might have learned some good values before he became that criminal and those rusted values just came back to him. He might have been inspired by looking at the magnificent creation of Allah. He might have been inspired by an angel (the same way he was whispered to by the devil). Probably, all of the above might have happened.

The bottom line is that this man had a positive thought generated in his mind and affected his heart: “What am I doing? Why am I killing? How am I going to meet my Lord? Can I quit? Can I get better? How can I get better? Will Allah accept me? Will he forgive all my sins and mistakes? Even killing? 99 people? How do I repent anyway? What needs to be done?”

He could have simply dismissed these thoughts. He could have easily got back to his normal business, evil doing, killing, spreading mischief, etc. He could have said, “Nah! Let me move on.” And it would have been a disaster for him. We all know the story. We all know that this man repented and Allah accepted his repentance. And if it weren’t for the positive thought that came to him, if he were to just dimiss this positive thought as if he was shooing an annoying fly, he would have been in the bottom of the deep hellfire.

All of us get those chances. All of us get those moments where positive thoughts come to us to drive us to do something good or urge us to quit something bad. We often dismiss those thoughts and move on doing the very same thing we are doing.

My advice to all of us is when such thoughts come to mind, know that this is an opportunity sent to us, DO NOT DARE TO DISMISS!


One thought on “A good thought – dismiss NOT!

  1. thank you br wael for thes thought
    i think raswool allah wana tell us never close the door of tawbah even with worse case its alwayes in the hands of allah

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