I am starting to think of making money :-)

I have been always of the conviction that the best way to secure a future for my family and kids is to live a righteous life, for Allah protects and supports those who live righteously. I am still strongly holding the same belief. As I try my best to earn living, excel in what I do, and try to take all the possible means to provide for my family, I tend to use this conviction, sometimes, as an excuse for not being so eager to earn. I even use this as an argument point in case my wife or any of my friend blame me for not paying enough attention to being wealthy. I love winning arguments (than making money) you all know. 🙂

However, today, while teasing my wife with the same concept, I quoted to her the story where a long trip made by Moses and his teacher (al-Khidr) to a village where no one knows them and no one wanted to host them. Al-Khidr, despite the lack of hospitality went ahead and started fixing a wall in the city. Moses was surprised and made the comment, “If you want, you would have made money out of it!” Right after, Moses came to understand all the actions taken by his teacher. The explanation given by the teacher was that Allah revealed to him (the teacher) that this wall belonged to a couple of orphans; underneath the wall was a treasure that belonged to them. However, there was a sentence that says that “their father was righteous!” Aha! That is my favorite quote! I quoted that to my wife convincing her that by being righteous, Allah will protect my kids. Allah will provide for them. Allah will send people to help them the same way he sent Moses and his teacher to do so for the orphans of this righteous man. Strong argument huh?

Although I am convinced AND she is convinced, she used my own quote and my own story to bring my attention to the importance of putting effort to make money and not JUST rely on righteousness. Although obvious, I needed the quote and I needed the counter argument. 🙂 Now I will start “thinking” of making money. LOL

By the way, were you able to guess her argument from the same story? Share it 🙂


5 thoughts on “I am starting to think of making money :-)

  1. AA,
    Her argument is that the righteous man put the money for his kids under the wall. Did you ??

  2. I just want to add that my wife did that to bring me to moderation since I become lazy and started using this concept as an excuse to relax and not work hard. Otherwise, we both rely on Allah to provide and support and we both ask him to ONLY put barakah in our life and accept our deeds.

  3. I think we’re all partly guilty of this… laziness is the plague of today! But in actuality, it’s not only about laziness. When we put our trust in Allah SWT, sometimes we forget the “tie your camel” part of the narrative, and find comfort in intention. We do put it the action, but not enough. With all the opportunities open to us, we would be millionaires (or at least able to donate 10k annually:) if we looked in the right places.
    How would we know the “right” places? I think that’s where piety and tawakkul, or trusting Allah, come in… Allahu A3lam!

    May Allah shower us with His taqwa, rizq, and barakah!!!

  4. My counter-argument would have been that that righteous father had found a way to earn the treasure 🙂 Thus, he knew that part of righteousness was providing for your family to the best of your ability 😀

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