Why are things not moving fast enough?


I always ask myself, “Why are things not moving easily? Why do we have to struggle to make things happen? We are trying to do good things, why can’t they just happen? Why do we have to wait, be patient, put effort, fail, and fail in order to succeed? Why doesn’t Allah help quickly?”

There are many obvious answers. One subtle answer just struck me this morning while reading the Qur’an. I won’t share my reflection and I will let you reflect on it. Please do, you will be amazed. Here:

“If Allah were to enlarge provision for His servants, they would indeed transgress beyond all bounds through the earth; but He sends (it) down in due measures as He pleases. For He is with His servants well-acquainted, watchful.” [42:27]

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One thought on “Why are things not moving fast enough?

  1. Subhan Allah. May Allah reward you for this Ammu Wael. What came to my mind is that the gradual divine grant of provision and aid is part of Allah’s will to guide His servants to that which will develop their Iman, thankfulness and experience. If we don’t have the proper development to handle great provision, success and ease, that blessing will harm our well-being, rather than help achieve its sought purpose. It is part of our nature to be easily decieved by appearances. Another verse states:

    “Allah wants to make clear to you [the lawful from the unlawful] and guide you to the [good] practices of those before you”

    If it was not gradual, how would our Iman develop? How would we gain experience and wisdom? Proper development (Tarbiyah) is a process that requires time and experiences. In addition, the more it’s delayed along with us relentlessly engaging in efforts for reform, the more thankful (Shaakir) the believers will be. And thankfulness is one of the highest levels of faith “And few of My servants are thankful”.

    Once again, thank you for encouraging us to reflect.

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