What the Whole world Knows about you, and you need to know about yourself!!!

Written By: Mohammad abbasi

edited by: Bayan Abbasi

I am talking about you playing “Victim” all the time; just like bad breath or smelly sweat on a humid day; most often, people sense it while you don’t …And now,

there is a way to know if you have this debilitating disease called “Victimides”.
Of course there is no disease called Victimides in the medical journals.. I made up this label to describe this near fatal condition.

So, how do you know if you’re one of those that play “Victim”? For starters, let me ask a few questions:
1. Do bad things happen to you? If you answer with a “yes” proceed to Question number two. If the answer is “No”. Then you must live in a bubble, it is time to come out and experience life as you should, then wait for bad things to happen and answer yes to question number one.
2. When bad things happen to you, do you do one or more of the following things:
a. Slip into “Denial” and Fight reality, say things like: “that’s not the way it is.” And “That’s just your perception.” – By the way, DeNial is not the river in Egypt!
b. Blame, project, and say things like: “It’s not my fault-it’s yours.” And “it’s the economy.” – By the way, to blame is “to B-Lame”.
c. Deflect and use excuses and say things like: “ Nobody told me.”, “It’s not my job.” And “ It doesn’t work here.”
d. Wait and hope, AKA resign and accept Status Quo and say things like: “Let’s wait and see.”, Time will tell.”, and “It’s out of my hand.”
3. If you do any of the above 4 things, you have “Victimidis” AKA, you behave like a victim when life happens.
4. The last question is: Do you want to take control of your life and change things for the better?. I know you will say yes, because no one can honestly cheat themselves out of a life full of clarity, energy, possibilities and change brought upon by deliberate action.

A person who rejects victim behavior and accepts responsibility is called an “accountable” person. So, how do you become an accountable person? More importantly, how would you know if you already are one? Are experiences like people fighting to sit next to you in class, or wanting to munch on French fries with you in the school cafeteria enough clues?
Here is how you know if you are an accountable person:
a. You acknowledge reality, get clarity and you say things like: “Let’s see what’s going on.” And “Got it.”
b. Own the situation, and that gives you energy and focus, you say things like: “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”, I’ve got to do something.”
c. You look for solutions by seeking options and you say things like:” What are my options?.” And “What can I do?. “
d. Lastly, You develop an action plan and get on with it and “Twit” things Like: “Time’s up, let’s go”, “Let’s get started.” And “This is what I am going to do.”
If you act similar to the ACCOUNTABLE person I just described, you will affect change, in your life, and the life of others around you. You may be asked to lead, because accountability is the breakfast of leaders and champions…. Happy Hunting (=

One thought on “What the Whole world Knows about you, and you need to know about yourself!!!

  1. JAK brother Mohammad for your valuable reflections. You made good points. What came to mind when I read it, its really easy to make excuses that there is a problem, but it’s more of a challenge to define a solution. It’s very easy to be the pessemistic element in Da’wah efforts and to dishearten others, but it’s an immense challenge to take the initiative to improve our condition and push things in the right direction. I feel like it takes a lot courage, patience, vision, supportiveness and sincerity. By the way, DENIAL AND “DaNile” are both unhealthy for the body 🙂

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