Do “3ammos” need help?

By: Wael Hamza

All Praise is to Allah, ALONE

To Allah, alone, belongs all glory and praise. He is the only one who is perfect and He is the only one with no shortcomings. This genuine Islamic concept is demonstrated in our very important, very valuable supplication “Subhana Allah! Alhamdu Lellah!” By “Subhana Allah” we are putting Allah above any deficiency and by “Alhamdu Lellah” we are describing Him by all perfect and most complete attributes. There is no wonder to hear the Prophet (pbuh) saying “Alhamdu Lellah fills the scale [at the day of reckoning] and Subhana Allah and Alhamdu Lellah fills (or fill) what is between the heaven and the earth.

We, are not perfect

Human beings are different. Yes, they are the creation of Allah and Allah created them in the best form. However, we are created with a lot of shortcomings that we are supposed to strive to overcome. “... And man was created weak” Allah states in the Qur’an. “All humans make mistakes,” The prophet mentions. We are equipped with what it takes to help us overcome this weakness and face our shortcomings. The guidance sent to us by Allah through His messengers is one of the most powerful tools that will help us understand our nature and utilize our strength and overcome our weakness. The spiritual energy we gain from drawing closer to Allah and worshiping Him is another tool. Raising our hands and calling upon the support of Allah is yet another powerful tool. I can go on and on and I am sure the challenge will look much easier if we realize how much power we are given to live by and succeed through.

The most powerful tool: brotherhood!

One of the most powerful tools to overcome your weakness and strengthen your ability to move forward and succeed is to be around good people, people who have similar aspirations, aim for the same mission, and help you get better and closer to Allah. People who help you make the right choice, support your choice, and be next to you when you are struggling to live by your choice. It is not going to be easy to be among this group since being among a group requires more effort and all sorts of different skills. However, Wallahi, it is worth it! The effort you spend to be with these people is worth it! The Prophet himself was advised, “And bear patience in being among those who call upon their Lord morning and evening … and let not your eyes pass beyond them …” That is why having faith is not enough; holding a noble mission is not enough; having a set of goals and aspiration is not enough. You have to put yourself among people who can give you this support so you can live by your faith, carry out your mission, and achieve your goals and aspirations.

I have a role to play

If you happen to be one of the lucky, guided people among a group like this group above, do not be selfish. You are not among this group JUST to get support. You have an obligation towards them; that is to support them and help them the same way you expect them to do to you. You have the obligation to “love for them what you love for yourself,” and to even prefer them and their needs over yourself and your needs. You have to “walk in support of your brother, for this walk is better for you that making i’tikaf for years.” You have to be the source of ease for their difficulties, for “He who eases a difficulty of a believer from the difficulties of this life, Allah will ease one of his/her difficulties in the day of judgement.” While doing so, you have to realize that these people around you, although belonging to a high quality group, have shortcomings and are in need of a lot of help. You should handle them gently and with passion. You should respond to their weakness with support and to their sins and mistakes with prayer and advice. You should face their aggressive attitude with brotherhood and you should face their love with humility. If they show friction you show smoothness; if they are smooth, take no advantage. Their poverty is your problem to solve and their prosperity is your goal to achieve.

I, too, need help!

Being relatively old to people around me, having some seniority over them, and being more able to articulate ideas and concepts put me always in the position of the “helper.” I am very proud of this role and I ask Allah to accept it from me. I feel the comfort when I help and I feel the obligation when things go wrong. I am a father and I see how important my role is to my family. I am a teacher and I see how crucial I am to my students. I feel I am an uncle to many people and I am sure people call me “3ammo” for a reason. I am a team lead and a big brother to a few. I feel the heaviness of the responsibility I have towards my brothers and sisters, young or old, relative or not. I am living for it!

But, I, too, originally belonged to this group seeking help. I have a lot of shortcomings and very much weakness. I have bad attributes that I need to fix. If you happen to be next to me, would you please recognize that I need your help more than you need mine? If you happen to be next to someone like me who is older and looks wiser than you (:-)), would you please look to this person with the eye of a helper? If you are my family, the father needs help! If you are my nephew, “3ammo” needs help!

Yes! 3ammo needs help! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Do “3ammos” need help?

  1. Ammu Wael, I truly loved this post so much. Thank you for this great reminder. I thank you and 3Ammo’s like you for being around :-). I really hope I can live up to its content..


  2. Amazing post mA!
    This is why al7amdullah I feel blessed to be part of the MAS family. I’m surrounded by wise and experienced people I can learn from, and for once not playing the ‘khalto’ role with the people around me (altho sadly i’m 22!).
    JAK for being a great father, 3ammo, teacher etc and taking us under your wing..and as your children, nieces/nephews, and students, we can (attempt to) help you in whatever way we can, just as your rightfully deserve iA 🙂

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