Will I meet Mus’ab again?

My meeting with Mus’ab Ibn Umair grabbed the attention of many of my friends. Subhana Allah, every time I go through it I get something out of it. You do not meet someone like this every day 🙂

I would like to share some reflections that I found and some feelings I felt in my hearts and in the comments of people who left comments on the blog or gave them back to me verbally and through email and chat messages.

  • History is so powerful. It makes you gain the experience and the spirit of thousands of years. It has this entertaining factor. It really makes you feel that your life is so long. It helps you connect with people of the past and feel that you are part of a chain
  • History brings value when you make it real. It makes a huge impact when you borrow ideas from it and contextualize it to your surrounding. That is the word “3ibra,” the Qur’an mentioned while telling the stories of those of the past
  • We will be in a much better situation if we start thinking of the tradition of our great ancestors by not only knowing what they did but what they would do if they are faced with the same situation we are in. Scholars define the Sunnah of the prophet as what the prophet said, did, or approved of which sure is the correct definition. Stems from this scientific definition is a more practical definition of “following the Sunnah of the prophet,” to be doing what the prophet would do if he is faced with the situation we are faced with. My interaction with Mus’ab gave me this sense and I really learned much about what he would do if he is involved in what I am involved in.
  • I can’t describe to you how much I felt the power and the sincerity of this generation. It was sure a discussion between a dead person and a living person. However, throughout the discussion, I felt I am the one who is dead and he is the one who is alive. I felt the passion, the energy, the willingness to do things and the readiness for the sacrifice. On the contrary, I felt my weakness, lack of passion, and laziness. I felt that I am parallelized and not able to do anything meaningful
  • I only got positive comments about the conversation. However, there was a difference between people who like it as a nice piece and those who liked it because it touched their very interest in carrying this message. Those were the people whom Mus’ab represent.
  • Mus’ab really represents many of us. He hasn’t seen much success in his life. He hasn’t lived with the prophet for many many years as he was always away, in Abyssinia then in Medina. He was an immigrant most of his life as a Muslim. He really leaves no excuse for us not to get involved and be active and convey the message of Islam with utmost clarity.

I am still very excited this conversation took place and I am very eager to have another one. I actually have a lot to ask about and much to learn. I just feel very stressed to engage in this conversation again. I think I did not display that much positive image in front of Mus’ab and I am a little embarrassed to meet him again. Maybe one of you should and report to us what took place. I also may engage another companion to learn from. Very stressful to do so, but very enjoyable though


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