I am going to the CAM; what about you?

I am going to the CAM; what about you?
I have never been there, I have no clue
How good it will be, I am really new
I just wanna feel, some lovely glue
With young MAS members, while breaking through
I wannna see Mahdi, and I want to see you
And Hossam and Ahmad, to name a few
Can’t wait to be there, my plane already flew
If you haven’t registered, it is overdue
It is going to be boring? well, says who?
I am sure you’re asking, who are you?
You are talking to us, out of the blue
With your nasty poetry, boo boo boo boo
I agree with you, that’s probably true
If you try to register, I will undo
Or else get ready, for one or two
Of my nasty poems, for I love you :p
I may be speaking, in a session or two
I know that may be, discouraging you
But there will be, other people too
Who will make you, come back anew
Your Iman will grow, more than it ever grew
Come stick to the movement, come join the crew
At least come share, a Halal stew
If you really can’t make it, we will miss you
But make the intention, it may come true

8 thoughts on “I am going to the CAM; what about you?

  1. Assalamuilikum

    Dr. Wael i love you b/c of Allah.
    The poem was beautiful.
    You have hidden talents masha allah.
    That’s why I want to be like you.

  2. Oh! How I wish I could be with you
    But I’m in a situation I can’t undo
    I relocated to a different state
    and I know I must accept my fate
    and that joining next year wont be too late
    So please send my salams to all
    for I will still be answering The Call
    even though not there in person
    I’ll be there by heart, after all
    MAS is a huge part of me
    and I love being part of this family tree
    where ‘I love you’s and ‘You love me’s
    are always heard so normally
    from the best brothers and sisters
    that Allah has ever, ever, ever given me

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