Thoughts from working with Google Docs

This is not a technical thought nor is it a business thought. It is very spiritual, purely spiritual. So read

We have been utilizing the usage of google docs as a forum where we share ideas, build projects, discuss issues, and even organize big events. It has proven effective and we became so familiar with it. One of the most common usage of google doc is to collaborate building a project through putting our input and ideas in a joint document.

I often put my input in these documents late at night where probably many people are asleep. Google Doc has this nice feature of telling you who else is editing this document. You can see who is editing and you can even see some edits being made in front of you. “RM, SA, and ZS are also editing this document,” a nice blue message on the top right shows itself to you.

So, where are the spiritual thoughts? Here there are.

Thought #1

It creates a sense of brotherhood and love between us, we are all up at night doing things together and spending time to please Allah and work for His sake. It is very encouraging to know that you are not alone in this path and this endeavor is a shared one. It is very supportive when you want to sleep, without finishing to see that others haven’t slept yet. It increases the love to others whom, whenever you want to edit a doc, you see them already there editing. It instills the sense of team work and brings about the feelings of a movement. In surat Al-Fatiha, the one we recite in every prayer, we ask Allah to guide us to the straight path. But very interestingly, the straight path in this surah is not described by the path of Allah or the path of your Lord as it is in numerous locations in the Qur’an. It is described to be “the path of those whom You blessed [O Allah],” reminding ourselves in every Salah that we are not alone on this path. We are on a path where many good people are on, in our time, in the past, and in the future. How would you feel lonely and how would we stop moving? Google Docs give you this feeling, try it!

Thought #2

The other thought is even more effective. As a team lead, sometimes the assignments come from me. It is me who ask people to write this document and it is me who cares the most to accomplish this project. Whenever I see one of my team members doing the task I asked to be done, I have ย very strange feelings, positive feelings of course. I feel the happiness from this particular team member. I feel that I want to reward him/her (not knowing how). I feel I want to trust this team member with more projects and more responsibilities. I feel the pride that this team member is in my team. I want to show my wife, my kids, and many people my computer screen and say, “See my team members. See how they are working on the tasks I assigned them!” These feelings multiply when I find them doing that despite their business and family responsibilities, and doing it late at night when they have a few minutes of peaceful time.ย This brings to my heart the strong feeling that Allah, the one who tasked us with this responsibility is always watching over us. Our effort of serving Him and seeking His pleasure always reaches Him. We are busy doing what He wanted us to do and we spend time working on our assignment by Him. He will support us, be proud of us, reward us, and give us more responsibility and enable us to serve Him more and more.

Someone may say Google is even taking over our spiritual life. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would say, no, it is the heart of the believer who finds spirituality in everything he/she does even if it is Google. May Allah always fill our hearts with these feelings of loving Him and loving those who work with us to gain His love, Amin!

11 thoughts on “Thoughts from working with Google Docs

  1. AA Dr Wael,
    Yes, We do the same thing in Andalusia …
    Google doc is a core tool in our collaboration as well … and it make the thinking process very accommodative between us in the school.
    Not only that .. I want to give google presentation a whirl.. did you try it?

  2. AAWAB

    after i read all adds say GAK
    ALLAHOMA make me form google document people
    Allahoma Gather me with them even if i did not use it yet but i promise i ll ISA
    lol to all

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