In the Shades of Hijra – PART VII

LESSON: Feeling the company of Allah

Going through the story of the hijra, you see how Allah was always there, planning for his messenger, supporting him, comforting him, saving him, protecting him, and guiding him. You also see how the prophet was feeling this company and was acting accordingly. We now know the story and we can understand and feel the hands of Allah in the action. We see the six people from Medina coming in the way of the prophet with no plan from him to talk to them. We see the long war that took place in Medina that made it appealing for the people of Medina to see Islam as a religion that can bring peace to Medina. We see Medina led by a group of young leaders who are ready to accept Islam and ready to listen to the message of Islam without the distraction of arrogance and pride. We see the geography of Medina, a place surrounded by black rocks from three sides making it extremely difficult to invade. We see the plot of killing the prophet at the night of his migration failing miserably by miracles. We see the prophet in the cave hiding and a group of his enemies on the door of the cave looking for him to kill him. None of them would try to look down and look for him in the cave. You see a man, Soraqah, riding a horse getting close to killing the prophet and then the horse slips several times.

You also see how the prophet felt this company. Abu Bakr, his companion in the trip, use to look around, walk in front of him to protect him from the front, then behind him to protect him from behind and he does not look around or turn back. You see how Abu Bakr was so afraid that they will catch them and kill them

while being in the cave and the Prophet tells him, “What do you think Abu Bakr of a couple whose third is Allah!”

Let us learn from the hijra and feel the company of Allah. Let us always know and believe that as long as we are in service to Him and in the pursuit of His pleasure, He will always be next to us. Let us always live under the conviction that serving His cause brings about His ultimate support and protection

Ya Allah …

May Allah accept from those who contributed to this remarkable event. May Allah reward the Messenger (pbuh) the best that He would reward a messenger for his message and a prophet for his people. May Allah reward those who left their homes, wealth, and beloved home town to carry out the message of Islam. May Allah reward the people of Medina who hosted the Messenger and supported him with everything they have. May Allah reward Mus3ab and As3ad and all the hidden soldiers. May Allah help us contribute to this message the same way they did and May He gather us with them in His Paradise.

5 thoughts on “In the Shades of Hijra – PART VII

  1. JAK Brother Wael. I really enjoyed reading your commentaries on Hijra. Some stories and incidents might not be among the most commonly used ones by the average speakers and khatibs. That is very good because it shows that you have used several references.
    The only thing I though it might increase the benefit is sharing some of these stories with a little of more details. JAK

  2. MashaAllah.. Very beneficial. We all should look into ourselves and start to pull out the various gifts or ‘seeds’ that we have and plant them, instead of being skeptical about the results.
    Our neighbors our neighbors our neighbors!!! They have a right to know about Islam, and we should keep in mind that the information they know is probably very limited and probably incorrect, and it’s our responsibility to convey Islam clearly to them all.
    There’s always some more we can do, so we should get ourselves qualified even more and roll up our sleeves, because Paradise is awaiting, isa.

  3. JazakAllahu Khayran Dr. Wael….This is some good stuff…please share some resources with us – what is your favorite book of seerah and stories of companions? Who do you believe has the most relevant analysis?


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