In the Shades of Hijra 1431 – PART VI

LESSON: Plant a seed. Small actions lead to huge results

Planing a seed is the attitude of the Muslim. A muslim is a person of action and seeking reward. It does not matter if the results are not immediate or the results are not even experienced. Of course we are asked to seek the most effective and most correct deed but we are also asked to leave the results to Allah. We plant the seed and we water the tree but we do not produce the fruits. While seeking support and a host city it did not prevent the prophet to plant a seed in those six people who came to him from Medina. Yes, they weren’t leaders and they wouldn’t have helped him in what he is looking for. But planting the seed is the attitude of messengers and those who follow them. Subhana Allah! This seed was the seed for success and Medina was what he was looking for.

In the same year, only four people believed in him. What would four people do to Islam? They can only benefit themselves. Actually two of them died soon after. But the other two, amazingly, went back to their tribes, conveyed the message of Islam to them, and came back to the prophet in Medina a few years later with hundreds of their people ready to  declare their Islam and join the prophet in his cause.

Planting the seed might be insignificant but it sure is the start of the tree. The seed might be deeply buried in the mud and requires a lot of effort to plant yet it is the only way for you to get a strong tree.

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