In the Shades of Hijra 1431 – PART V

LESSON: Never lose hope in Allah – When it is tight, it is time for relief

A small yet very important lesson to learn from hijra is the lesson of hope. It was very tough during the year of grief, a name labeling the 10th year after the prophet receiving his message. Many people say that the reason this year was called the year of grief is because the prophet lost his beloved wife and his supportive uncle. That cannot be true. The prophet even forbade us from grieving for so long. I think it was a tough year on the Prophet because he wasn’t able to drive his message forward. For a whole year, not a single person from Mecca or from outside believed in him. He was ridiculed and hurt by the people of at-Ta’ef when he tried to call them to Allah and ask them for support. In the 11th year, only four people believed in him two of them died shortly. Despite his effort to talk to every single tribe who came to hajj in two consecutive years, none of them accepted his message. However, he never lost hope and he never stopped working. He continued to work until Allah sent him those six people from Medina. Those six became twelve and the twelve became hundreds. Soon after he was called to Medina and became its leader. Every time it becomes hard, ease becomes close and hijra showed us this clearly. As Allah said, “Indeed with the difficulty comes an ease.”

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