Making a covenant in a moment of sincerity – TAM thought #3

More lessons to learn and more thoughts hit, TAM south was another place for a lot of thoughts and inspirations. At the end of the TAM, we had a session where we all renewed our intention, charged our energy, and showed our commitment to Allah, to Islam, and to MAS and its mission, the LASER-beam session as known by people who attended. In a similar session last year in Dallas, one of the brothers was very excited and he emotionally took the microphone and said, you will see how many people will come from my city to TAM next year. He comes from a small chapter where only three people were attending TAM at that year. He was relatively new to MAS and to be honest I told myself at the time, “A nice excited brother,” taking his promise a little lightly.

After the TAM of last year was over and a whole year passed by and we started approaching TAM 09 in Dallas, his idea hit me again. He wasn’t one of the attendees in this year’s TAM and I even forgot his name. I was shocked to see 20 people from this city coming to TAM 09, fifteen of which were very young energetic brothers and sisters who were so engaged in the TAM. You can’t feel how I felt about the original thought I had when this brother made the promise. What on earth made me take his promise lightly? I felt very small yet very happy. I was extremely happy to hear one of the young sisters from this very city who shared her thoughts, aspirations, and experience with the audience who kept applauding her many times.

I am sure these 20 committed and excited young people did not come together alone. As a matter of fact, I am aware of the effort put to make this happen. I am also sure that it wasn’t the mere work of this brother who made the promise. However, what I am sure of is that the sincerity and the passion he had while making this promise contributed a lot to the success of this chapter in this very short time.

Let us leverage moments of pure intention. Let us get our positive thoughts out and let us transform them to real actions. Let us renew our covenant in front of Allah and in front of each other. If Allah, who knows deeply what is in the heart, finds sincerity and purity in these hearts, he will bless the little effort and make our promises become true.

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