The Making of the LASER beam – TAM 09 thought #2

The TAM mission torture

Discover the mission was the theme of TAM 09. The organizers wanted to make sure MAS members leave the weekend with full understanding of the mission and its implications on MAS work and on our life. All sessions were geared towards that. Introducing the mission statement, the role of tarbiya in the mission, the obstacles in getting involved of such a mission, the obstacles in front of achieving the mission, the outreach component in our mission, the tarbiya effort required for this outreach effort (to achieve our mission), mission, mission, mission! Morning sessions are about the mission and evening sessions are about the mission, mission on Saturday and mission on sunday. 200 MAS members were put in one room going back and forth around this one very concept, MAS mission.

This is how you make a LASER beam

Every Muslim, MAS members included, is a particle of light. Let us think that those few MAS members are photons. You put them together in small or big numbers they will become some form of light. Those photons are getting together somehow to create some good light that are illuminating the way for many people around. TAM 09 brought these people together and kept pushing them back and forth back and forth in a very condensed time (and space) talking about one thing, their mission. They hit each other with ideas and they quickly synchronize. Sometimes it is a noisy disagreement and sometimes is a quite time of reflection and thinking. Sometimes, it is the speaker collecting ideas and sometimes it is the speaker pushing ideas back. It is a little amount of raw knowledge but very dense and sharp. Those photons kept going back and forth until something started to happen towards the end of the TAM. Those photons (MAS members in the TAM) developed a few yet very interesting qualities: 1) there developed a huge passion (energy), 2) they developed a very strong focus on one thing (the mission), and 3) they developed a mutual coherence, same wavelength and same phase. I can see them coming out of the room in the last session as a strong LASER beam coming out of its tube. They will travel thousands of miles while being focused on one thing, MAS mission! This is exactly how you create a LASER beam. This idea brought some creative juice to several of us. TAM 09 in DC was really the making of the LASER beam of MAS members that needs to be guided, channeled, and leveraged by MAS local and national leadership.

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