The Tarbiya Mosaic – Two

“To move people to strive for God-consciousness …” is a choice by MAS leadership to start its mission statement. Only God-conscious people can move people to be God-conscious. The famous Arabic adage says what can be rephrased as “You cannot give what you do not have.”

A few questions come to mind.
What do we really mean by the word God-consciousness? What is the Qur’anic term for it? Why is it so important? What are the qualities of those God-conscious people? How can one attain those qualities? How can I measure my God-consciousness? Can I lose it after attaining it? Why would someone lose this very important quality? What do people really do to lose it? How can I get it back, or not lose it in the first place?
Many questions, right? It is a mosaic. With an answer to each question, a small little tile will be put and the picture will become clearer. Do not try to guess the picture, just keep drawing. It is after midnight now and too late to draw but maybe someone from the West Coast is up and wants to add a couple of tiles. 🙂 How? use the comments section

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