The Tarbiya Mosaic – One

While building a mosaic, it is very important to have in mind the final picture. You may be putting little pieces here and there but every piece you put helps drawing a beautiful picture that you have in mind. The interesting thing about the mosaic is that it is done piece by piece and the final picture does not show itself quickly. However, the more you put pieces of tiles and stone together, the clearer the picture will be and the more beautiful it gets. You put one piece at a time and you do not necessarily have to do it in a particular order. I am not an artist but the smaller the pieces are, the more work the mosaic needs and the more accurate the picture will be. However, you still can get nice looking mosaic with pretty big stones.
How is that relevant to tarbiya?
Well, tarbiya is the art of building people. You build people one piece at a time. You have a picture in mind and you are putting words, scenes, and actions together the same way you would put tiles in order to achieve this picture that you are looking for.
In this blog series, I will try to do mosaic, not a real one, but one of people. I will draw, through a very scattered non-ordered posts, a picture of a round human being who can carry out challenging and noble tasks such as MAS mission.

I will have to acknowledge that the idea of the analogy is not mine and I like it when I read a similar book who used it as a way to throw ideas not a particular order to form a feeling of what the author wants to say.
But what is the final picture I have in mind? The final picture is a group of people who are God-conscious, movement oriented, team players, exemplary citizens, and bearers of a message. These are the general outlines of this picture. I will resume putting tiles and stones, small ones, one at a time. In every post I will stick one or two. I will also put some cement to make them stick together. If you have a nice tile you want to add or you have a unique type of cement you would like to contribute, you can use the comments section to participate in this mosaic.
Let us start drawing …

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