The Sorcerers of Pharaoh – How to be Steadfast

It is interesting how the sorcerers of Pharaoh after being on his side trying to defeat Prophet Moses in front of the public switching completely to Moses side when they saw the real miracle of the snake.

What is more amazing and more of a lesson to learn is how these sorcerers were steadfast and strong when they were threatened by Pharaoh of death and torture. It is very important to reflect on their words as Allah presented in the Qur’an in Surat “Taha” towards the end of their story. Their words indeed give the pillars of steadfastness in the face of difficulty.
“We will not prefer you over those signs that came to us … decree whatever you [desire to] decree”
“You only decree [regarding] this life”
“We believed in our lord to forgive our sins and what you forced us to do … “
“Whoever comes to his lord as a sinner, surely for him is Hell …”
“And he who comes to Him as a believers who did good deeds for him is the highest degrees”
Read their words and learn how they were steadfast and perseverant in front of this huge difficulty.
It is a great lesson to develop this important quality, steadfastness!

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