When the she-camels that are pregnant is completely ignored

In the chapter of “at-Takweer” Allah described the moments when the Day of Judgment will take place with a few, very short, yet very effective sentences. One of these are about “when the she-camels that are pregnant are completely ignored.” I though why is that relevant to the day of judgment? We discussed that in our educational circle and we concluded that the pregnant camels represent the wealth. In the Arab society at the time the Qur’an was revealed, people who own more camels are wealthier. When those camels are pregnant, they bear more milk and they are the source of potential real growth in the business by giving birth.

At the day of judgement, people will completely ignore those. Wealth will be of no value. People will be busy with something much more important. At this day, no wealth can benefit. Our businesses and our wealth that are taking us completely away from our other duties are of no value at that day. I think the question that this verse will put in everyone’s mind is “if this wealth has no value at that day, why am I putting so much time and so much effort collecting it?”


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